Our vision is of a seamlessly digital future, a future which sees no distinction between new and traditional media. A future in which the digital plays a positive part in our everyday lives, in every moment and every activity. A future whose speed and unpredictability pose the key challenges for brands in interacting with people.

Ideas Never Sleep.

The weapon of choice to take on this future is Ideas, and that’s exactly what we at Caffeina deal in. At the core of all our work is a strong, original and, above all, brilliant Idea, which diffuses itself across content strategy, content platforms, creative campaigns, mobile apps, media planning and strategy: you name it and we’ll be sure to pour that Idea into it.

The Never Sleep is our approach to change. We accept and relish the unpredictability of this world, are always prepared to spot it on the horizon and conquer it when it arrives.

Our Mission is to guide companies and brands who embrace this vision, giving the word partner three golden values: mutual trust, a constant focus on stakeholders, and the end goal of producing an impressive impact with the outstanding projects we create together.


Caffeina was established in 2012 with a single mission: to show that it is possible to start from the ground, grow and prosper in a competitive market dominated by large groups and conglomerates. Even in digital. Even in Parma. Like a true and proper start up, way before they were cool. (#hipsterCaffeina)

Since 2012

The world changes, just like us. Five years ago, Caffeina was one thing. Today, it’s another, and tomorrow, it will be yet another. Live the journey with us - the best is yet to come!


Fast forward to 2016: the papers talk of a story of success. Caffeina is growing, hiring, winning awards. The start up years are a distant memory, now is the moment to brace and shoot for the stars. Suddenly, George Clooney is inviting us to his lake house but we can’t go because we promised to be Jennifer Lawrence’s date to the Oscars.

Hold on.

Too far, back in the DeLorean. Even today, Caffeina refuses to stop growing. Our goal remains that of establishing ourselves as an agency capable of competing as a European leader. An ambitious goal, sure, which requires the best talents (and also a bit of time!), but hey, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll - feel like coming with? 🤘  

Make Digital Real.

Caffeina is made up of people who ask everything of their team, and simultaneously are asked to give themselves wholeheartedly in return. We express ourselves as people and professionals, creating exceptional projects which enable us to grow and feel proud of the work we do.

Digital natives

We have amazing people, many of whom are nerds in disguise 🖖

Average Age

The Millennial Agency you never knew you always wanted (though we also have people from Generation X too, don’t worry! 🤓 )

Apple Devices

We’re not Apple fanboys (and girls) exactly, but for now, that’s the way we play 👾

Social Media in Use

Every day, and for work...always...obviously... 🤥

CVs received every month

"[...] You wanted the best of the best, sir.." (Cit. the Marine from Men in Black 🕶 )

Job Titles

Still missing the most important CEO* though (...for now 🤔 ) *That’s Coffee Executive Officer

The Office


Where it all started.


The Office


Triple shot to go, please.


The Office


All roads lead to Caffeina.