Behance Portfolio Review

We started 2017 willing to get involved and get connected. Well, here we are now, jumping at the chance to organise the very first Behance Portfolio Review in Parma, Italy.

What’s more involving and exciting than meeting up and discussing with brilliant creatives while getting feedback and inspiration from well-renowned professionals? All that in a very friendly, chill-out environment?

Behance, the most famous social network for designers, illustrators, and creatives of all sorts, lets you organise a Portfolio Review twice a year, anywhere you are. “Duh, let’s do it!” we immediately thought.

We developed a call-to-action campaign for all the creatives out there looking for inspiration. Our designers, social media managers, and copywriters took over our Instagram account. We called our partners-in-crime at Tee-Tee and set up a Design Contest for a Caffeine-themed T-shirt.

We invited some of our favourite designers, art directors and illustrators to be the Judges for the day:

We shook hands with some fellow designers to come and share their experience with us during a morning speech:

Danilo Bonardi and Matteo Rattotti, Founders, Designers & Developers, SHINY FROG

Last, but not least, we all gathered in a stunning space called WoPa Temporary.

We added drinks, food, and music, because that’s how we roll.

On Saturday 13th May many people showed up, more than a dozen presented their portfolio in front of the judges. Most importantly, everyone was happy, and talking to one another, which means we had reached our main goal.

A special mention goes to the 3 participants awarded as Best Portfolios:

As well as to Luca Marocchi, winner of the Tee-Tee contest.

A special thanks goes to all the institutions that supported us; in particular to the University of Parma and to the City of Parma for their recognition.

Here’s a series of snaps of the day with the courtesy of our in-house photographers Théo and Valentina.

Let’s catch up soon!

Lucia Laterza

Lucia ha studiato Mediazione Linguistica Interculturale all'Università di Bologna. Ha lavorato in ambito internazionale nell'organizzazione di eventi, PR e comunicazione esterna.