Caffeina included in Deloitte's

TOP 100 EMEA for the 2nd year in a row

A sense of achievement and fulfilment. This is how we feel when our commitment and dedication are recognized by renowned institutions.

Deloitte, the largest professional services networks in the world, included Caffeina among the top 3 fastest-growing digital agencies in Italy in 2016 and the top 100 technology companies with the highest growth rate in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The Technology Fast 500 is one of the most prestigious ranks within the tech industry, and the means for Deloitte to acclaim the results of the 500 companies with the fastest growth rate recorded during the past four years.

Deloitte invited us to the Milan office, where, besides receiving the prestigious recognition, we took the stage for a round table debate led by Corriere della Sera journalist Fabio Savelli.

Together with the spokesmen of the two other companies included in the Italian top 3 rank, we discussed about a wide range of topics; from the challenges to take on for young entrepreneurs when establishing a start-up, to the unavoidable digitalization of well-established firms. We shared our opinions about the choice of going international for growing companies, and about the Italian Jobs Act.

“Building up an agency during rough times for the economy of our country is not easy. Caffeina has always been aware of the difficulties on its path. Nonetheless we have always been ready to cope with a scenario that is unstable but very rich in terms of Digital opportunities.” CEO Tiziano Tassi stated. “The most important recognition for our work lies in the trust our Clients give us: our turnover is the reflection of the amount of trust that was given to us”.



Read Deloitte’s official report here:

Lucia Laterza

Lucia ha studiato Mediazione Linguistica Interculturale all'Università di Bologna. Ha lavorato in ambito internazionale nell'organizzazione di eventi, PR e comunicazione esterna.