Stanford meets Caffeina.

Work hard, play harder: dreams come true.

Welcome to Caffeina.

As I sit here writing this blog post, I can’t hide a bit of thrill. This event meant a lot for us all at Caffeina, and we can still feel the adrenaline of that day.

Stanford MBA Program‘s 1st year class (yes, you’ve guessed it right: this Stanford) chose to come visit us as part of their Global Study Trip, the annually-organized business tour and the opportunity for the students to get managerial inputs and inspiration for the most well-established companies around the globe.

Whithin the trip, the group met up with some of the most renowned firms throughout the 5 continents. In Italy, the tour included companies such as Barilla, Ferrero, Dolce & Gabbana, Luxottica, Campari, FCA and Yoox, among others. Yes, these names recall enterprises that are different in size and background from what Caffeina is. Nonetheless, we were sure we have something in common with these firms; and above all, we have an interesting story to tell.

On 30th March, we welcomed the students at the University of Parma. We introduced our company to the people we consider to be the leaders of tomorrow. We talked about how our project was conceived and made real by three ambitious students during very rough times for the Italian economy. We explained how Caffeina grew into the reality we know today: a fully-operative agency hosting a team of more than 65 people (we’re growing fast: check the open positions here).



From a world of made clocks to a world made of clouds.

Caffeina was conceived at University. That’s why we wanted to meet the Stanford MBA students there.

At University we learned to take the responsibility for our actions and ambitions, and we became aware of the approach we wanted to keep as we went on along our path. At University we learned our most important lesson, something that has more to do with philosophy than technique, that is how to quickly act to solve difficulties in a world that has become fast paced, thanks to digital technologies.

Our motto, #neversleep, derives from this philosophy and describes, with only 2 words, what our journey has been from day one. Our journey was also one of the topics we discussed about, together with the Stanford students. We are happy and proud to be the ones who, every day, take on the challenge of adapting to this ever-changing reality.

Work hard, play harder: dreams come true.


Tiziano Tassi

Tiziano è uno dei Founder di Caffeina. Ha studiato all'Università di Parma e a Euromed a Marsiglia, per lavorare poi in una Digital Agency e in L'Oréal Italia nel Digital Marketing. E' professore di Internet Marketing e Politiche di Comunicazione presso l'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore e chiamato come testimone aziendale in corsi di Laurea e Master in diverse Università italiane ed è docente di Digital Marketing in Francia per KEDGE, Audencia Nantes e INSEEC.