A call for Digital Talents

We will face new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. If we win, it will especially be because of the team that we’ve created.

If you’re reading these words, maybe you’re one of the people that follows us. In this call for Digital Talents, we want to share a part of the road traveled in 2014, what we expect for us in the future, and especially who we want to join us at Caffeina to face the challenges that await us.

Briefly: what happened in 2014

In 2014 we accomplished many goals and accepted important challenges. We won important competitions with famous brand leaders, such as Hogan, Genialloyd, Dolce&Gabbana, Monster, Procter&Gamble, Coop Estense, 888.it, ActionAid and University of Pavia. We continue to work on ambitious projects.

Caffeina ended 2014 with a profit, which will be reinvested (like in the past) to support the growth of new valuable activities and to consolidate that which we already occupy.

The best is yet to come: welcome 2015

2015 will be an incredible year. The mix of challenges that involve our country, Expo, innovation, and new technology make the next months the most stimulating period that we’ve had since we started at the end of 2011. It will be the year in which the mobile will become mainstream not for users, but for companies. The domatic system, Internet of Things (IoT) conferms this trend. Wearable technology will try to break out of the cycle of early adopters. iBeacons + push notifications will be used for contextual in-store interaction.

In 2015 the reality will be saturated with digital, not the contrary.

For Caffeina, 2015 starts with a reflection: how can we be ready to face the Change and guarantee better quality? The response is three words: investments, hard work, challenges.

Among other things, the investment plan for this year includes team growth. In this first trimester, we’re looking for new people to join us as soon as possible.

  • Frontend Developer | open now!
  • UI/Ux Designer Sr. | open now!
  • UI/Ux Designer Jr. | open now!
  • iOS Developer | open now!
  • Android Developer  | open now!
  • Titanium Developer | open now!
  • Visual Designer | hired!
  • Content Manager (English Native speaker) | hired!
  • Creative Director | Opening soon!
  • Digital Communication Strategist | Opening soon!

We’re looking for people that want to feel part of a project. We’re looking for people that want to do their project in Caffeina, contributing to the creation of a company capable of competing as a leader in Europe. We’re looking for people that want to join a team in which the greatest acknowledgements are the opportunities that develop into new successful projects. We’re looking for people that want to work on projects that, thanks to their contribution, are seen with admiration. We’re looking for people that ask questions to they teams they work with, but are always disposed to give 100%. We’re looking for people that like to work – and vice versa.

We will face new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. If we win, it will especially be because of the team that we’ve created.


Tiziano Tassi

Tiziano è uno dei Founder di Caffeina. Ha studiato all'Università di Parma e a Euromed a Marsiglia, per lavorare poi in una Digital Agency e in L'Oréal Italia nel Digital Marketing. E' professore di Internet Marketing e Politiche di Comunicazione presso l'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore e chiamato come testimone aziendale in corsi di Laurea e Master in diverse Università italiane ed è docente di Digital Marketing in Francia per KEDGE, Audencia Nantes e INSEEC.