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some thoughts from Codemotion 2016

Feeling like part of a larger community: it’s one of the most valuable aspects of what we do.

Developers and UI/Ux Designers are among the most active members of the tech community, a crowd we support and admire. 

The tech community has united us, inspired us, and made us who we are now. For this reason, we take every opportunity we can to get involved and contribute to its growth.

This time we wanted to give something back to this community, and so we did: we shared our philosophy, different network opportunities, and some… code.


Codemotion is one of the most important events within the the tech community in Italy and in Europe, other than an opportunity for students and professionals to come together. This year we wanted to be fully part of the game. That is why we supported the conference in Milan as a Sponsor.

On 25th and 26th November, Caffeina’s whole Dev team attended workshops and conferences with internationally renowned speakers. In this way, we enriched our knowledge and skills regarding already familiar topics, such as Responsive Web Apps, PHP 7, and Chatbots, as well as more unfamiliar ones, like GoLang, VR game development and IoT.
Learning about these subjects helps us keep an incisive mindset and stay open to innovation.

Our Sponsorship put us into contact with different up-and-coming talents. We shook hands with highly-skilled people from different environments, but most of all, we nurtured our team’s talent.

“Technology should be invisible, hidden from sight.” — Donald A. Norman, The Invisible Computer


Codemotion gave us the opportunity to share our passion for coding through a mini contest to test the attendees’ knowledge of JavaScript. We created a game and gave it a resounding name: the *CODENIGMA*.

We are very happy to report that our *CODENIGMA* gained great success among students, as well as among seasoned developers, who attempted to guess which type of coffee our Caffeina Devs drink in the morning.

The public’s enthusiasm for our entertaining game strengthened our motivation to always aim at the best results.

Many of you asked us to make the *CODENIGMA* available to everybody. We are working on publishing it on our of our channels, so stay tuned! We hope you will embrace the challenge with the same excitement we felt as we were developing the game. 

Last but not least: a special mention goes to the whole Codemotion staff for organising this memorable event. Thank you for the hard work!

As ever,



Stefano Azzolini CTO

Stefano si è laureato in Ingegneria Informatica all'Università di Genova. Ha una lunga esperienza nello sviluppo software e nei suoi principali paradigmi e metodologie, fortemente orientato all'innovazione considera il Web la Nuova Piattaforma. In Caffeina ricopre il ruolo di CTO.