Creating community:

let's begin with Startup Weekend.

How to build a community in which the mix of people, with their initiative and ambition, and innovation gives life to new opportunities?

We chose to support and be partner of the very first Startup Weekend in Parma. That is, the unmissable chance for highly-skilled people to gather together, take on the challenge, and put their money where their mouth is.

SW attendees are not afraid to challenge themselves, not even when they have a very restricted period of time available to develop their ideas: 54 consecutive hours to be exact, from Friday to Sunday — in other words: just one weekend!

Caffeina reflects itself into SW’s spirit and culture. That’s why we were eager to be there and share our passion for technology and our desire to make our ideas real with individuals who feel empowered by their dreams.

The Friday Pitch got the event started: more than 50 participants brought up 25 projects, 9 of which became part of the challenge after being chosen by the participants themselves — all that through a very democratic process involving a heart-shaped sticky note on the project’s description. The 9 ideas with the highest number of sticky hearts were in.

sw parma la scelta 2

Among the 9 final ideas we have seen eco-friendly 3D printers, wearable devices to enable a victim to alert the police in case of assault, digital solutions to connect restaurants with their customers, mobile apps to enable you to share and purchase our favourite fashion items.


On Saturday our UI/UX Lead Vincenzo Radice supported and gave advice to the different groups as Mentor for UI/UX Design. On Sunday our CEO Tiziano Tassi got involved as part of the Jury in selecting the 3 most promising projects.

mentoringgiudiciHere are the winners of this very first edition of Parma’s Startup Weekend:

  1. TuberFan, the platform that gets users to videochat with his/her favourite Youtuber;
  2. ForTune, the location-based app that selects your favourite music and podcast during your car ride;
  3. Wemore, the app whose aim is to create a touchpoint between companies and skilled professionals in order to work on digital transformation projects.


Hooray to all SW participants who worked night & day to projects that had been pure abstract intuitions until just a few hours earlier.

We also want to give credit to the organizers of the event, who kept the Officine ON/OFF open (literally, as many people slept in during the event) to innovation.

Let’s keep in touch!

photos | courtesy of Officine ON/OFF

Lucia Laterza

Lucia ha studiato Mediazione Linguistica Interculturale all'Università di Bologna. Ha lavorato in ambito internazionale nell'organizzazione di eventi, PR e comunicazione esterna.