Ideas Never Sleep:

5 years later.

As we were leaving our office for this year’s Off-site Team Meeting, we knew we (all 60 of us) were about to dedicate one entire day to us as a team. We took a moment to ask ourselves what the meaning of our exponential growth during the year 2016 really was about.

That’s right — in 12 months the number of colleagues doubled from 30 to 60 members, the company’s turnover grew from 1,6M to 3,6M, and our internal divisions developed into more than 10 units. Last, but not least, our desks occupied 4 offices (1 in Milan and 3 in Parma, as we are waiting for our new HQ – oops, spoiler!).

During these 5 years we have never associated our growth to the actual number of colleagues joining the team year after year, neither to the amount of hours worked, nor to the number of projects or calls.

Growth is a journey the 10% of which is made of tangible events that could drastically affect you and your situation. The remaining 90% is built on how you react to these events.

Growth also means change, as in the capacity to adjust to a changeable situation. There is a beautiful motto that goes:

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We live in a ever-changing world today. If that’s a good thing or a bad thing, that’s not for us to judge. Nonetheless, we must admit that our present day is unpredictable, chaotic, complex, and uncertain.

At this point we have only one option left that is effective to cope with change and unpredictability, that is nurturing our core culture and philosophy.

tassi-2017-keynoteIt is hard to define ourselves as a group. We are the expressions of different people coming together . We are Developers, Strategists, Media Planners, Content Managers, Recruiters, and Administratives. Project Managers, UI/Ux Designers, Controllers, and Copywriters. On our laptops we have multiple windows open and an exaggerated amount of Excel tabs. On some other laptops you’ll see lines of code on 3 different screens.


Ideas Never Sleep – in these 3 words lies the concept that keeps us glued together and makes us different from other teams. Our payoff represents our philosophy and reflects who we are – in only 3 words.

We distinguish ourselves for the Ideas we conceive, study, create, and develop. That’s how the magic happens. Our Ideas turn into something tangible: a website, app, video, campaign, post on social media, media plan, strategy.

Never Sleep embodies our approach to Change. It represents the way we connect to the world we live in; although we accept its unpredictability, we are well aware of the opportunities you can get from it.

Caffeina is the place where our philosophy becomes real. It’s also the place where our core culture is being shared not only among us, but also with the companies with which we come into contact.

Caffeina is a ship.

It’s the ship that sets sail towards unexplored routes.
It’s the ship whose crew experience memorable adventures.
It’s the ship whose objective goes beyond the simple treasure chest-reaching.
It’s the ship whose crew get a true satisfaction from discovery.
It’s the ship that does not stop at points where other ships drop their anchors.
It’s the ship that truly believes a sea-route to India ever existed.

During our journey to growth our ideas and values will be challenged.
It is only through the daily act of questioning what we do and how we do it that we can discover our own America.

Do you wish to be part of our crew? We are looking for new people to travel along with us:

Tiziano Tassi

Tiziano è uno dei Founder di Caffeina. Ha studiato all'Università di Parma e a Euromed a Marsiglia, per lavorare poi in una Digital Agency e in L'Oréal Italia nel Digital Marketing. E' professore di Internet Marketing e Politiche di Comunicazione presso l'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore e chiamato come testimone aziendale in corsi di Laurea e Master in diverse Università italiane ed è docente di Digital Marketing in Francia per KEDGE, Audencia Nantes e INSEEC.