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Where are agencies going?

The Communication/Creative/Digital agency sector is in great commotion. Not so long ago, Digital had a marginal role in brands’ communication strategies. Now, this sector is growing rapidly, driven by the priorities and the activities of companies’ investments.

Traditional media won’t be “wiped out” by Digital. Rather, it’ll be bettered, enriched, and amplified. In particular, the dear old TV. In an era in which mobile screens are everywhere, the TV should be the means most at risk. Digital, however, hasn’t even come close to it yet, and we can only imagine how it will help it evolve.

The future we believe in does not distinguish between “traditional” and “new” media. It’s a future in which creativity is naturally digital, in which digital is diffused horizontally in all of people’s touchpoints, from mobile to TV to the physical store.

In this context, powerful change (that in many ways has given its advanced notice) plays a beautiful role for those that are in our line of work. Our market in Italy has seen 100% digital players fuse together to create groups of medium or large size (from DOING to H-Farm Industry, to Bootique and The Big Now, to name some names). We’ve seen big, traditional agencies make acquisitions in order to obtain digital skills. We’ve seen the integration of the most classic creative agencies (for example, Ambito5 in Saatchi&Saatchi and Chapeaux in JWT).


This is the key word. Some are worried that this evolution will lead to an overwhelmingly complex agency. Instead, this evolution leads to a different one.

A creative agency with the ability to think digital lies in its DNA, capable of transforming an idea into content, and of creating and manipulating the means in order to make it concrete.

Caffeina’s path

There are many things that have happened in the last months and that are about to happen. We want to share though a synthetic division: Clients, Investments and People. 


Besides the clients that have renewed their trust in us (Genialloyd, Dolce&Gabbana, Hogan, UBI Banca, FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Hello Bank, ActionAid, Sightsavers, Monster,) other new brands have joined us to work with us and develop digital projects.

From these brands we directly work with, we can name Arena, Armani, BNL BNP Paribas, Goldenpoint, AC Milan, IBL Banca, Parmalat, Bauli, Santàl, Chef, Motta,, Naturhouse, Roche, Save the Children and Zanichelli.

With them, we’ve developed new digital services for their clients. We’ve planned the brand experience and technology that functions both online and on mobile devices. We’ve launched creative campaigns throughout Europe after brainstorming with our team in Parma. We’ve created the basis for a new type of social media and television communication that impacts millions of people.

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We’ve worked for many months on designing our new offices. In order to stimulate our ambitions, we need a new headquarters where we can grow and work well.

For this reason, we’re proud to provide a first snapshot of our new headquarters in Parma. With 900 square meters dedicated to creativity, innovation, design, technology and marketing, the new office space will be able to hold more than 80 people.

We expect and have inserted within our project

  • 1 client meeting room
  • 6 operative meeting rooms
  • 1 production studio of 40 square meters
  • 1 relax room of 75 square meters
  • 1 classroom with 40 seats

But these are, like other things, only instruments.

That which renders Caffeina different from other agencies (like those with nobile pedigrees, larger dimensions, a bigger wallet, and higher turnover) is the people


A little more than 1 year ago we launched a Call for Digital Talents. We announced that we were looking for more than 10 new talents to add to our team, which consisted then of 18 people. Today, Caffeina has more than 35 people on its team.

Today, in order to construct this new agency model, we are launching a new call, with more than 20 open positions available in the Parma headquarters. Here are all the Job Openings.

Creative | Details
Marketing | Details
Corporate | Details
  • Brand Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Administration Specialist

It’s for people that we’re building these new offices. It’s for people that we’re investing in ourselves. It’s for people that we’re growing Caffeina. We are people whose work on excellent projects allows us to grow and consolidate.

We’re looking for people like us. Come be a part of something unparalleled.

The moment is now. Apply now.


Tiziano Tassi

Tiziano è uno dei Founder di Caffeina. Ha studiato all'Università di Parma e a Euromed a Marsiglia, per lavorare poi in una Digital Agency e in L'Oréal Italia nel Digital Marketing. E' professore di Internet Marketing e Politiche di Comunicazione presso l'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore e chiamato come testimone aziendale in corsi di Laurea e Master in diverse Università italiane ed è docente di Digital Marketing in Francia per KEDGE, Audencia Nantes e INSEEC.