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Press Release

The creative digital agency Caffeina manages Parmalat’s digital communications in Italy. Caffeina works specifically on the social media management for Parmalat’s key brands: Parmalat, Santàl and Chef.

Following a competition with other digital agencies for creative proposals for Parmalat, Caffeina was chosen to support the company in digital communications and social media management for the three key brands. The communications focus particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

The collaboration between Caffeina and Parmalat began in 2015 with an emotional communications project destined for digital channels. This year, the two companies are working together again to strengthen the brand’s strategies.

Parmalat and its brands are followed by more than 1 million fans on social media, and they reach millions of people online every month. The objective is to communicate in a relevant and innovative way.

Caffeina did a wide and thorough analysis of the Parmalat brands and their principal competitors. The communications scenario they chose utilizes photography in a heterogeneous digital strategy:Parmalat, Santàl and Chef have three different targets with diverse positioning and objectives.

PARMALAT _ CS _ Immagini_santal_ipad_mascotte_pokemon

The strategy proposed by the creative digital agency aims to treat the various target audiences differently, taking advantage of the potentials of these heterogeneous communities in order to generate the most involvement possible.

Therefore, the challenge is defining a relevant communications strategy that also fulfills different goals: increase user interaction rate, increase visibility rate of the brand and of singular content, and increase traffic towards Parmalat’s digital property.

PARMALAT - CS - Immagini_fb2

With regards to the collaboration with Parmalat, Tiziano Tassi, Managing Director of Caffeina, says:

“Our objective is to generate important content for the target audience of our client. Today, important content means content that has a positive impact on people. This is quality content, studied and thought out specifically for the brand, and communicated to an audience in line with the values of the brand.”

PARMALAT - CS - Immagini_Chef

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Antonio Marella Operations Director

Antonio è uno dei Founder di Caffeina. Ha studiato all'Università di Parma e alla Bocconi, per lavorare poi in Procter & Gamble nel Trade Marketing Luxury. Ricopre il ruolo di COO, responsabile di tutte le operation, e si rapporta con i clienti per garantire una delivery qualitativa dei progetti che vengono affidati a Caffeina.