Studying isn't enough | TEDxSSC [Video]

Studying isn’t enough: a non-conflicting duel between the value of practice and that of theory. An idea shared at TEDxSSC, a the TEDx event.

Some days ago I participated in TEDxSSC, the TEDx event organized at a high school in Catania (Scuola Superiore di Catania). I had the privilege of discovering a fantastic city and of having an exceptional experience – that of presenting an idea I believe in, one that I think deserves to be known.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American conference that started in the 80s. Its mission can be synthesized in the motto’s three words: ideas worth spreading. 
The TEDx (x=independent) events are organized independently throughout the world, but they must obtain the official TED license. This license is offered only at the end of a selection process that certifies the quality of the organization.

The idea

When the organization called me to participate, I wanted to share the idea that guided me and my business partner’s path, and that conditioned our selection of the people in Caffeina.

The value of practice opposed to that of theory, in a duel that resolves in a non-conflicting way. The idea that Studying isn’t enough: I’ll explain that in the video.

If you share this idea (Studying isn’t enough), if you have a friend, a child or a relative that’s studying: share this post. If you agree with this idea, make it move, give it life, but don’t let it die.

You do it

Do you have to give a speech to students in a school? Do you want to make this idea happen or better it to make it more efficient? In the following link, you can find an open Powerpoint presentation. You can change it, insert your information, use it how you want. Ideas live because people make sure they don’t burn out. Download the presentation here > Studying isn’t enough (Presentation)


Publication by Caffeina


Note: a thank you to Daniele Virgillito and Emanuele Franceso Pecora is much needed: first, for the support, discussion and patience in preparing the speech; second, for the involvement of all the people involved in the TEDxSSC organization. Thanks for making it all possible!

Tiziano Tassi

Tiziano è uno dei Founder di Caffeina. Ha studiato all'Università di Parma e a Euromed a Marsiglia, per lavorare poi in una Digital Agency e in L'Oréal Italia nel Digital Marketing. E' professore di Internet Marketing e Politiche di Comunicazione presso l'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore e chiamato come testimone aziendale in corsi di Laurea e Master in diverse Università italiane ed è docente di Digital Marketing in Francia per KEDGE, Audencia Nantes e INSEEC.