The enjoyment of sharing ideas: Milano JS

Maurizio Mangione presents the Milano JS event, a way to share ideas and experiences, and give everyone the possibility to contribute.

Even though it may seem unbelievable, there was no user group in Milan dedicated to Javascript before Milano JS arrived. This is the reason why we were encouraged to found one.

A little more than a year later, we’re proud to say that we’ve become the benchmark for those who use this technology in Milan and in many other Italian communities.

The free circulation of ideas: user group and Open Source


IT is many things: a job, a passion, sometimes a pain. Surely it’s a world that’s in continuous movement, one in which ideas and challenges unite in the search for new realities. These realities are born from sharing and participating in projects or developments.

This is what’s at the core of GitHub, the “social network for programmers” made up now of 9 million users, including some of the big names in modern technology. For this reason, Milano JS decided to organize August’s meeting in a different way than usual: dedicating the evening to the core inspiration that gives life to the Open Source projects. We’ll also confront the complex question of author rights in IT: up to what point is it a right, and when does it become a limitation for the user?

Open Source is a fundamental part of our job and of our lives. Open source isn’t just a communal creation, but rather a global possibility in which the valuable experience of many is put to the service for many. This service can thus be augmented, improved, and even corrected.

Milano JS: a community not just for users

Even Milano JS is a way to share ideas and experiences and give opportunities to all those who contribute. And thanks to the dedication and passion of everyone – organizers, fans, and casual clients –we’ve been able to grow together. Milano JS has given life to creative sparks and profitable collaboration, from everyone and for everyone.

All of this couldn’t be possible if there weren’t sponsors to support and encourage us. This is why we’re grateful for Caffeina. Not only because they gave us the possibility to organize this atypical meeting with spritzes, but also because neither the user groups nor Open Source would be possible without their support. They truly believe in us, and they offer us the occasion to not only improve ourselves, but to also have a good and constructive time.

Maurizio Mangione

Maurizio, conosciuto online come Granze, è un software engineer che dal 2000 si occupa di front-end. Grande appassionato di Javascript e delle sue stranezze, ha fondato Milano JS che in poco tempo è diventato un punto di riferimento per tutti gli esperti del settore. Dopo aver lavorato in grosse aziende, in agenzie e come free-lance, ultimamente ha abbracciato il mondo delle startup e attualmente lavora per Gild. Quando non è davanti ad un computer, si dedica al free climbing e allo skate.