An omnichannel approach to relaunch the lifestyle brand Bomberg.

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Brand Building
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Bomberg is a Swiss luxury brand that produces high precision accessories and watches with a bold personality, dedicated to everyday leaders.

Until today, the brand was struggling to build an image that was coherent with its objectives of recognisability and memorability. The request was to find a new positioning on which to build the whole communication, from the payoff to the online and offline branding campaign. 

#NotForSeconds was born from here and the new positioning represents the real Bomberg: a brand for people that want to be different and express themselves with their own style, without following fashion but being loyals to themselves.

The Manifest

In fact, we identified a precise target for Bomberg: strong personalities, early adopters, people who anticipate trends and don’t want to be labeled with a common definition. Therefore, instead of defining the people to whom the different products are designed for, we clearly communicated the people to whom they are not designed for. The followers. People who are willing to settle. Those who hide behind rules. From here, the first film was born, which became the brand's manifesto.

The Campaign

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, where Smartwatches are gaining more and more share in the same market of Bomberg, we asked ourselves what the position of a Bomberg personality is, while facing an increasingly common behavior: that of Smartphone Zombies. People whose lives depend on technology and social media.The answer is in a 4 subjects campaign, where 4 people show their strong will to dominate technology, instead of being dominated by it.

The Touchpoints

In addition to the 4 subjects of 15 ’’ and the extended version of 60 ’’, original materials were created during the same production, which allowed a continuous communication throughout the following year on the brand’s social media channels. The campaign was completed with the creation of 4 press subjects, which brought Bomberg's messages to print magazines, sales points and outdoor billboards.