Sparkles of Joy

The worldwide Christmas digital campaign of one of Italy’s highest quality brands.

new website / ACTIVATION
UI/UX design
Content creation
November 2016

Furla asked us to think up and create a Christmas campaign to be launched during the 2016 holiday season. The aim of the campaign was to create a user experience that would showcase the items from Furla’s Capsule Collection. The project included the implementation of a contest to trigger newcomers and brand aficionados during the run-up to Christmas months of November and December.
Furla chose us to build our campaign around a sparkly mood, the core of the Capsule Collection. Since the campaign was to be launched in 27 countries and 11 languages, any reference to Christmas had to be subtle and respectful to all cultures.

Furla - Sparkles of Joy

Sparkles of Joy

Each and one of us live the festive season in our own way. Thanks to the variety of the Capsule Collection you can change your look according to your mood and attitude. We created 7 videos, inspired by different moods - the #FurlaFeelings - that included different items from the collection. We spread the launch of the videos over 7 weeks, annuncing one video after the other on a dedicated section of the Furla website.
Every video ended with an invite to solve the riddle:
The #FurlaFeeling of the week is…
As the contestant guessed and selected the right answer, he or she could win a discount on a selection of items from the Capsule Collection. Furthermore, going back to the page week after week could give the user the opportunity to double his or her voucher’s value.


Every activation page has been conceived to give the best exposure to the different Capsule Collection items, as well as to insert them in the sparkly, Christmas mood that stands out throughout the entire collection..
The design is mobile-first. This allows the user to discover the collection, play around, and get a fluid, intuitive experience on any device.