If you get in a CAR ACCIDENT,

don’t get KNOCKED OUT!

A simple and fast app to support Genialloyd clients

Genialloyd wanted to have a closer relationship with its clients. The company also wanted to satisfy their needs in a concrete and innovative way. Simplicity and immediacy are fundamental when talking about an app that’s used both in highly stressful and normal, everyday situations. This is the challenge Genialloyd launched when they involved Caffeina in developing its first mobile app (download here.)

  • Project Mobile App
  • What UI/UX Design, Mobile Development
  • Release November 2015


Thanks to the Esperto Incidenti Genialloyd app, it’s possible to notify a car accident in just a few steps. But there’s more!   With the app, Genialloyd clients can contact an accident expert 24/7, request roadside assistance and find the closest bodyshops.


The Esperto Incidenti Genialloyd app has been online since May 5th. It’s backed by a strong cross media advertising campaign (online sponsoring, banners, TV commercials, dedicated space on the website) that has created awareness for the numerous services offered for Genialloyd clientele. The campaign has also driven downloads…up till now there have been about 250,000 downloads!

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Mobile App

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