My favorite Christmas

The magic of Christmas always surprises! Let yourself get excited…

The Challenge

In order to promote their yogurt line, Parmalat, in collaboration with Disney, entrusted Caffeina to create the “My best Christmas” digital strategy.

  • Project Digital Campaign
  • What Design, Creativity
  • Release November 2015

The strategy

As one of the key points of the strategy, Caffeina proposed the creation of a video that would increase visits to the mini-site. On the mini-site, the users could find Disney characters that they could cut out for their children. They could also share their favorite Christmas memory online by participating in a photo contest, with lots of prizes for the family.

The Results

The video was seen by more than 1 million videos within the first seven days. The contest website was visited by thousands of users that uploaded their memories and voted in the gallery, thus creating a truly sharable Christmas memory book.

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