Prealpi Digital Presence

A new digital presence for Prealpi: from social communication to an innovative corporate website.

Prealpi involved Caffeina in the development of its new website, one capable of illustrating the selection and richness of products and the story of the company’s brand, as well as of supplying services and interesting content for users.

Caffeina therefore created a website with a completely re-planned user experience, one that puts the product and the passion for the brand at the center of communication. This re-planned user experience utilizes impacting images to supply the context to communicate with best.

The new site was just the beginning of the storytelling journey for Prealpi, which continued with the launch of its Facebook page.

Today Prealpi speaks to thousands of people, thanks to Facebook and the great work that the brand and Caffeina do in regards to media content planning. This planning guarantees that the two companies reach their goals.

Prealpi on Facebook

  • Project New Website, Strategy
  • What Design, Web Development, Social Media Management
  • Release May 2015

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