Backend Developer

Do the job you love with a team you will feel proud of.

  • Location Parma, PR
  • Department Technology
  • Position Jr. / Mid Career
  • Min. Experience 2-5 yrs

Job Description

You will have access to our technology and to all development processes. You will be the one to develop the backend of web, social, and mobile projects. By doing that, you will play an important role in maintaining the highest quality of the execution of a project, as well as in designing its architecture. Your challenge will be to explore new, alternative solutions besides the already-well-established ones, always keeping an eye on the deadlines. You will be responsible for project deliveries and for maintaining the technology department solid.

More specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:


  • Design and develop solutions for Web services
  • Implement services from external platforms (social networks, API vendors)
  • Design, implement, and optimize relational & non-relational databases
  • Manage the technology department and compile a thorough documentation
  • Collaborate with project teams in order to pinpoint the best and most innovative development solutions



This is what we are looking for. There are crucial sets of skills and fundamental traits that we will go through together, while under “nice to have” we have listed some qualities we consider a plus, but not required.


Fundamental Traits
  • 2 to 5 years of experience within a company or a Digital Agency
  • Level of Education: HS Degree, BA or higher
  • Receptiveness, and the ability to receive and process feedback both from the client and from the different departments within the agency
  • The capacity to work in a diverse team and effectively manage client-oriented and internal projects
  • Excellent communication skills, as that will enable you to write an easy-to-read software and convey its features to team members and other users
  • Analytical yet creative approach to every phase of the project and a deep understanding of requirements, in order to come up with the best software components
  • Fearless attitude towards unfamiliar frameworks. You learn quick and keep pace with technology changes
  • A blend of detail-oriented and big-picture thinking, so that you, at any moment, know what you are working towards, and what to do should anything unexpected occur
  • Sharp, logical thinking combined with proficiency in maths, abstractions & computational models



Crucial Skills
  • Excellent knowledge of OOP programming and its main Design Patterns
  • Mastery in PHP 5.4+ and LNMP platform
  • Experience with implementing the major security protocols within Web services development


Nice to have
  • BA/MA in Information Technology, Informatics or equivalent
  • Experience with at least one of the following PHP frameworks: Laravel 4, Symfony
  • Experience with database caching, such as Redis or Memcached
  • Fluency in at least another language (JavaScript, Python, C++, Ruby, Go, etc.)


What we can offer you

We commit to treating people the best way we can, with respect and a professional approach. What follows is our offer. We do not want you to commit to an offer that does not fit you. What you see here is what you get, no secrets.

  • Employment contract
  • Gross Annual Income depending on the experience + additional bonus (personal/Caffeina)
  • Restaurant Ticket + free coffee and water 24/7
  • Apple workstation
  • Welcome kit: 2 t-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 1 iPhone, 1 Tucano+Caffeina backpack
  • (paid for) Conferences and events
  • (paid for) Education, online courses, books and documentation
  • Research and development on innovative subjects (such as VR, Wearable, IoT, iBeacon)
  • Project teams of diverse resources: Developers, Designers, Creatives, and Marketers
  • Relaxation (dinners, beers, etc.) offered by Caffeina
  • But most of all: you can do the job you like with a team you’ll be proud of



Workplace & Culture

Caffeina is a Creative Digital Agency. Technology, Design, Creativity, and Marketing are in our genes. Our headquarters is located in Parma, a city only one hour away from Milan and Bologna. Parma has a good work/life balance and a fair cost of living.

The work environment is informal and young (the average age here is 28 years old). Most of all, we value what you can do and how well you do it. We work as a team, we help each other and we grow together, project after project.

Our work philosophy is all about merging well-established, effective solutions with new, experimental pathways. Personal input and suggestions are always highly appreciated, as we consider them to be vital for our growth.



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