Project Manager

Do the job you love with a team you will feel proud of.

Your role as Project Manager is to coordinate and organise the work of a resourceful team. Your work is crucial for a correct project delivery within the deadlines and the budget.

  • Location Parma, PR
  • Department Technology
  • Position Mid Career
  • Min. Experience 4+ yrs

Job Description

Your role as Project Manager is to coordinate and organise the work of a resourceful team. Your work is crucial for a correct project delivery within the deadlines and the budget. Since we commit to always respect our deadlines and budget, these two points are for us of crucial importance.

In addition to that, you will coordinate the stakeholders of every project: you will interact with the Client, project partner, consultants, and vendors and build a strong and efficient relationship with all these figures. You will be the filter between them and the team. The team and all other internal divisions will respect your opinion and give their contribution to important decisions aimed at the project’s success.


More specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:

  • Coordinate allocated team members
  • Coordinate the entire project lifecycle from beginning to end
  • Compile project specifications, including the internal briefing
  • Define the project’s to do’s and practices together with the team
  • Guarantee the quality requirements are fulfilled upon delivery
  • Brainstorm budget optimisation strategies for software licences and services
  • Suggest strategy and services innovations within all Platform activities for all projects

You will report to the Operations Director.



This is what we are looking for. There are crucial sets of skills and fundamental traits that we will go through together, while under “nice to have” we have listed some qualities we consider a plus, but not required.


Fundamental Traits
  • Level of Education: BA or higher
  • 4+ years experience within the same role
  • Technical background (software development)
  • Detail-oriented and deadline-driven. At ease in a fast-paced environment
  • The ability to work simultaneously on different projects and independently, under minimal supervision
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to explain business and/or technical details to a diverse audience
  • The ability to grasp the Client’s feedback and report it to the team
  • Honesty, perseverance, community spirit, and precision
  • Flawless oral and written International English
  • Strong stakeholder network (broadly speaking, potential stakeholders such as vendors, collaborators, clients, partners, etc.)


Crucial Skills
  • Good grasp of web and mobile usability patterns
  • Understanding of at least one Agile methodology
  • Excellent knowledge of Waterfall Model
  • Confidence with bug tracking software (such as JIRA and Fogbugz)
  • Familiarity with Project Management tools (such as Teamwork, BaseCamp, Confluence)


Nice to have
  • Know-how of Online/Offline integrated projects
  • Experience with Legal and Administrative dynamics for the management of special operations
  • Confidence with budget balancing and profit & loss management for both the Client and the project
  • Excellent knowledge of Agile methodologies



What we can offer you

We commit to treating people the best way we can, with respect and a professional approach. What follows is our offer. We do not want you to commit to an offer that does not fit you. What you see here is what you get, no secrets.

  • Employment contract
  • Gross Annual Income depending on the experience + additional bonus (personal/Caffeina)
  • Restaurant Ticket + free coffee and water 24/7
  • Apple workstation
  • Welcome kit: 2 t-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 1 iPhone, 1 Tucano+Caffeina backpack
  • (paid for) Conferences and events
  • (paid for) Education, online courses, books and documentation
  • Research and development on innovative subjects (such as VR, Wearable, IoT, iBeacon)
  • Project teams of diverse resources: Developers, Designers, Creatives, and Marketers
  • Relaxation (dinners, beers, etc.) offered by Caffeina
  • But most of all: you can do the job you like with a team you’ll be proud of



Workplace & Culture

Caffeina is a Creative Digital Agency. Technology, Design, Creativity, and Marketing are in our genes. Our headquarters is located in Parma, a city only one hour away from Milan and Bologna. Parma has a good work/life balance and a fair cost of living.

The work environment is informal and young (the average age here is 28 years old). Most of all, we value what you can do and how well you do it. We work as a team, we help each other and we grow together, project after project.

Our work philosophy is all about merging well-established, effective solutions with new, experimental pathways. Personal input and suggestions are always highly appreciated, as we consider them to be vital for our growth.



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