Insight means collecting and understanding data, and giving direction to activities. It’s an efficient process only when driven by actionable information, that of which lets you make knowledgeable decisions. The activity of Insight is composed of: listening to online conversations, analyzing and interpreting them precisely and punctually, and developing tailor-made reports.

Brand watch

A punctual control of conversations and content is useful to evaluate situations and understand how to enhance the brand, where to control discussions, who to talk to and if the conversation should be changed.

Crisis Analysis

Problematic situations can come up unpredictably.   Insight’s activity is useful for understanding the context, maintaining control and responding in a focused, transparent and timely manner.

Legal Audit

The echo effect of activities carried out by brands remains online for an indefinite period of time. This allows for the demonstration or rejection of hypotheses and perspectives. It also permits us to understand why and how lawsuits become sensationalized online.