Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online

Scaling e-sales

We defined the Media strategy and oversaw the execution of individual brand campaigns supporting the ecommerce channel in the Europe market and with a focus on the US market with a performance plan geared toward constant ROAS optimization.

Garmont is a historic Italian company founded in 1964 that develops innovative, high-quality footwear featuring proprietary technologies for Outdoor activities and everyday use.
The use of high-performance materials such as leather, synthetic fabrics and advanced membranes ensures a balanced, durable and high-performance product.
#StayWild is not just a motto but a real philosophy that has allowed the brand to become an industry benchmark in the Italian, European and American markets.



What we did

Digital Media


Increasing sales for Garmont's e-commerce channel.

Garmont is an Italian brand that offers high-quality hiking and trekking footwear for outdoor enthusiasts.
Since September 2022, they have chosen us to manage performance-driven advertising campaigns to support their e-commerce efforts in both European countries (IT, FR, DE) and the USA (Tactical & Outdoor shoes).
The goal of our partnership with Garmont is to scale ecommerce sales with a focus on achieving a strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online
Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online


Increase the sales of Tactical USA in Q1 2023.

The shared objective with Garmont for Q1 2023 is a
+72% revenue increase, with stable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

It is an ambitious goal built upon the positive results achieved in the initial months of our collaboration.

Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online
Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online


The multidisciplinary approach to Media.

To achieve our goals, we have developed a multidisciplinary media strategy and fostered a fruitful collaboration with the client, operating as a unified digital marketing team.

We have revamped the paid media campaigns, implementing a full-funnel structure with a focus on traffic sources close to conversion and utilizing lead generation as a tool for acquiring new prospects.
With the assistance of the client, we have re-evaluated the data strategy, regularly incorporating CRM data into the campaigns.

From a creative standpoint, although we are not directly involved in the production of formats, we have worked hand in hand with the client to continuously conduct A/B testing, adapt creatives to campaign objectives, and manage product feeds for dynamic creatives.

Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online
Caffeina Garmont Scalare le vendite online


Paid Media Focus: Full Funnel.

The funnel has been revised with a focus on a synergistic and scalable campaign structure:
A Meta and YouTube budget line with the objective of coverage and website visits, planned for the launch of new products or for visibility of “hero” products.
An always-on presence of Meta lead generation campaigns with the objective of newsletter subscriptions through a discount coupon redeemable on the first purchase.
We saturate the lower funnel campaign pool, maximizing the use of the Google suite (brand and product search, PMAX with Smart Shopping), and Facebook DPA campaigns with a connected product feed.


Scalare le vendite di Tactical USA nel Q1 2023.

Revenues VS Q4 2022
VS Goal
Return on Adv Spending
Budget planned in Q2 2023
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