Caffeina Labo Suisse new sales channel
Labo Suisse

A new sales channel.

Design and development of the new website and e-commerce for Labo Suisse, which will allow to position itself in the B2C market for the first time, offering its products directly to end consumers.

Labo Suisse has been involved in high-end dermocosmetics for more than 30 years to bring a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery to the market. Innovative formulations, constant research and international vision lead Labo to have 27 patents and 68 registered trademarks worldwide.
Until 2022 it has been present on the national and international market through pharmacies and distributors, who act as promoters of Labo’s values: innovation, technology and respect for the entire supply chain involved.




Digital Product


New markets to be conquered.

Labo Suisse had an ambitious challenge: to approach the B2C market for the first time, selling its products directly through an e-commerce.

To do so required a total redesign of the website in order to create a narrative that could speak to the consumer audience.

At the same time, the new B2C offering had to complement the existing one aimed at a business target by trying to maximize value for both targets.

Caffeina Labo Suisse new sales channel


Flexibility to work on different targets and markets.

To address the need to specifically approach different targets and to be able to offer different products in different markets, we developed an ecosystem consisting of a Headless WordPress CMS, with multi-language and multi-country support.

We then developed a modular and flexible section builder that would allow the client to independently create pages, sections and landing pages, always in brand, growing content and experience as the business grows and expands into new markets.

Caffeina Labo Suisse new sales channel


An e-commerce content driven.

We co-designed with the Labo team an information architecture that would help the user discover the hundreds of products on the site, thanks to a navigation menu segmented by specific needs.

With content design, we enhanced the technology and innovation of the products, both within the product pages and on dedicated pages of the site.

We created a modular Design System of sections and content blocks, which controlled through the Section Builder by CMS allowing Labo to control in detail the user experience of editorial content as well as e-commerce.

Caffeina Labo Suisse new sales channel
A new global media strategy.

In line with the product approach and digital growth goals, we supported Labo in planning the launch strategy for the new e-commerce site in 4 European countries.

We continuously manage global media campaigns from a full-funnel perspective, applying constant fine tuning and performance optimization according to shared goals.

The media mix of the campaigns includes planning mainly on Meta and Google channels, with flexibility and openness to evaluate new touchpoints in line with the product and target to maximize the potential of the full funnel.

Caffeina Labo Suisse new sales channel


Designing the new Labo Suisse website following the decision to launch a direct sales channel to target consumers.

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