Procurement Specialist

As a Procurement Specialist in Caffeina, you make it a mission to build a relationship with a supplier and see them as more than a signed contract to build a solid partnership that can grow.

About this role

As a Procurement Specialist in Caffeina, you make it a mission to build a relationship with a supplier and see them as more than a signed contract to build a solid partnership that can grow. 

You know that suppliers are a resource, and you know how to make the most of them, so their quality is directly reflected in Caffeina’s activities. 

You have a strong passion for numbers (because every euro is important), and you know how to manipulate them fluently. In life, you value saving and negotiate to achieve it.

Your mission is not to be the “bad” purchasing office that imposes limits and rules but to be the consultant for all of Caffeina in choosing quality at the right price.

You are part of the Corporate Management team and work closely with the Client Services, Administration, and Legal teams. You are a cross-functional presence throughout Caffeina. You are responsible for managing and monitoring direct and indirect costs and are the first point of reference for activities involving external partners.


All applications are for Procurement Specialist evaluated individually. We use a tool to manage the selection process and communicate with candidates. Sometimes, unfortunately, responses are filtered as Spam: remember to check the folder.

Your responsibilities

  • Manage negotiations with suppliers, from initial brief preparation to contract signing.
  • Negotiate with suppliers to reach the best deal for both parties.
  • You scout for new suppliers in collaboration with vertical agencies, including organizing tenders to expand our roster.
  • You are a consultant to Client Services in choosing the best partner for different project needs.
  • You establish ongoing relationships with suppliers to enter into optimized business agreements.
  • You help Caffeina suppliers improve their quality and security standards by doing periodic follow-up audits. 
  • You oversee cyber security issues and help suppliers assess risks and prevent them.
  • Monitor supplier assessment following ISO:9001 requirements.
  • You manage online purchases of tools or services and are responsible for finding and filing the necessary documentation for recording invoices.
  • You keep the supplier list and archive up-to-date by categorizing and organizing each supplier to make internal search activities easy.
  • You analyze all Caffeine’s Corporate costs, from setting the annual estimate to monthly monitoring.
  • You have the goal of optimizing management and reducing direct and indirect costs.

Who you are

  • Excellent interpersonal and business negotiation skills. 
  • Previous experience in Client Services or Digital Marketing project management. 
  • Over the years, you have developed a network of potential partners that could be useful to Caffeina.
  • Experience leading projects with a high percentage of activities outsourced to vendors or third-party agencies.
  • Familiarity in managing agreements related to rights and intellectual property.
  • Experience in establishing supply contracts and framework agreements.
  • Excellent knowledge in the use of spreadsheets and Office Suite. 
  • Basic understanding of cash flow management and accounting.
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • Strong passion and interest in the digital, creative, and product market.

The team you’re gonna work with

You will be part of the Corporate team, led by Henry Sichel (General Manager). You will work in the Corporate Management team together with Andrea Pettinaroli, Corporate Manager.

Henry Sichel

General Manager

Henry Sichel
Andrea Pettinaroli

Corporate Manager

Andrea Pettinaroli

What we offer

  • Employment contract.
  • Gross Annual Salary based on experience. 
  • Progress sharing and Team updates with dedicated spaces followed by relaxing. moments (dinners, drinks, etc.) offered by Caffeina.
  • Restaurant Ticket  + Coffee & water 24/7.
  • Apple Devices.
  • Welcome Kit.
Projects you’re gonna make yours

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Our culture


Caffeina is rooted in a solid corporate culture and an excellent team that never settles. We set the bar very high to achieve the best results. Our team can enjoy transparency and information sharing-that so that everyone can be part of the choices.

We work in a business environment when necessary and celebratory whenever possible. Shared and individual successes are celebrated in an original, genuine, and fun way.