Caffeina Adecco Recruitment Campaign

Recruitment Campaign

The Power to Change Lives is a campaign built around the concept that dealing with human resources means having the power, the privilege, to change people's lives. Offering job and career opportunities mean recognising people's value and talent, building a growth project and - in short - allowing people to realise themselves and achieve their desired career path. 

 The campaign is being launched to recruit over 800 people throughout Italy, including Selection Managers, Sales Managers and Consultants. By joining the Adecco staff, they have the opportunity to change their own lives and, as a result, to change the lives of others by supporting them in their search for a new job and in building their professional growth.

Adecco is the company of The Adecco Group that develops and enhances human capital, responding to companies’ needs for flexibility and quality with dedicated solutions and tailor-made services. With a team of 2,000 professionals and more than 300 branches nationwide, it employs more than 45,000 people every day and is a partner to more than 11,000 clients.



What we did

Content design



Raising the brand’s perception.

Adecco is the leading employment agency in Italy: it contributes every day to matching job supply and demand. It responds to the need for protection, guarantee and professional continuity of workers and meets the need for transformation expressed by companies in an ever-changing world of work.

The recruiting campaign aims to add more than 800 professional profiles to the team in just a few months: to do this, it is necessary to attract talents who recognise themselves in the company values of team spirit, passion, resourcefulness, and through a daily commitment with the people and companies in the area.

Attracting talent also means building a communication strategy that makes an impact on perception and brand positioning: this is why we have supported the client in sharing the brand’s values and commitment both with its resources and with candidates and client companies.

Caffeina Adecco Recruitment Campaign


Changing people's lives.

To support Adecco in the search for new talents, we launched a major recruitment campaign under this conceptual banner: The Power to Change Lives.

Caffeina Adecco Recruitment Campaign


Show what it means to work for Adecco.

The campaign consisted of three phases:

Awareness: we communicated the concept of the power of changing lives by joining Adecco through a social media campaign.

Consideration: we created 2 live events on LinkedIn where some key people discussed different topics in the world of work, highlighting the brand values and inviting applications.

Conversion: we created a video strategy showing in concrete terms what it is like to work at Adecco, following three Adecco employees during their working day, namely a recruitment manager, a sales manager and a business consultant.

Caffeina Adecco Recruitment Campaign


Attracting new talents and communicating Adecco’s values and vision, with the aim of recruiting 800 people within a few months.

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