Caffeina Translated AirBnb Usability Inspection

Usability Inspection

Hosting on Airbnb means opening doors to guests from all over the world. Translating listing descriptions and reviews is crucial to communicate clearly and avoid misunderstandings.

Airbnb, the global marketplace for hospitality services has signed an agreement with Translated to make the hosting platform’s content available in over 60 languages through a perfect symbiosis of professional translators and machine translation (MT).
In this context began the collaboration between us, Airbnb and Translated to conduct preliminary research to lay the foundations of a consolidated user experience and guarantee the correct functioning of machine translation.




User Research

Expert Review

Cognitive Walkthrough

Rapid prototyping


Discovery of experience pillars.

How can we develop an understanding of the user location process to increase the correct use of Airbnb’s listing wizard and avoid incorrect and mixed language input?

Caffeina Translated AirBnb Usability Inspection


Machine Translation.

We compiled a catalogue of recommendations to correct or improve the editorial experience and user interface to reduce the rate of machine translation failures.

The review was conducted by two User Experience experts, by analysing the current interaction flow with the application, to identify potential usability issues impacting the user experience and which may be a source of possible user error.

Caffeina Translated AirBnb Usability Inspection


User research & causes of incorrect use.

We conducted exploratory and evaluative research (expert review, cognitive walkthrough, interviews and shadowing) to review the usability of the product and to map the users’ experience with the digital service.

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