One Affinity: innovative digital insurance for B2B

Aon launches One Affinity digital product, supporting professional insurance offerings, with more than 30 options dedicated to the professions.

How to improve professionals’ experience in evaluating, purchasing, and managing the best professional insurance for their needs? And how to reduce practice management time for Aon? One Affinity is an innovative digital product that addresses these two needs.
After an initial launch, Aon turned to Caffeina to evolve and improve the product’s performance, with two goals:

Increasing conversions
→ Efficient processes for creating and maintaining the numerous options dedicated to various professions.




Experience Design



A flexible and modular approach to meet customer needs.

With a multi-disciplinary team led by the product manager, we began the project by analyzing the existing platform and identifying strengths and improvement opportunities from a strategic business, user experience, and technology perspective. We then did extensive requirements gathering with the many AON stakeholders affected by the project, from business to technology, which allowed us to align everyone’s expectations and map everyone’s needs. We then shaped our work methodology toward an agile approach to better meet AON’s specific flexibility, speed, and focus needs.


Collection of business requirements.

We worked “four-handedly” with internal Aon stakeholders to define business goals and KPIs and align expectations.

• Make the AON brand more recognizable and strong, leveraging the recognized strength to the brand’s reliability.

• Present insurance offerings more clearly and simplify the quote flow for users.

Lighten the effort on customer care by turning the private area into a “self-service” service.

Caffeina Aon One affinity l assicurazione digitale innovativa per il B2B


User testing with users.

How could we improve the user experience? The perception of the brand? How to understand what information was clear and what information was less clear? To answer these questions with certainty, we conducted several user testing sessions with real targets-lawyers and doctors in our dedicated UX Lab. We analyzed how they interacted with the product, mapping the times when they got stuck, had doubts, or when they could complete tasks with ease. We then defined a list of the main pain points that needed to be addressed.

Service design on different levels.

How do we enable a strong characterization of the more than 30 outlets, which speak to different target audiences, while simultaneously ensuring a consistent user experience among them and uniform treatment of the Aon brand?

To meet these needs, we designed a modular Design System common to all outlets but customizable in some parts. Fonts and basic colors were inspired by Aon’s palette, thus giving consistency and flexibility to the full product.

Storybook JS for perfect alignment.

We decided to use Storybook JS, UI component explorer, to be able to allow both technology and business contacts to navigate through the different components developed and to be able to view their different states.
Further confirmation that the designed design and experience worked properly. The development of self-consistent HTML components allowed easy integration on the Liferay platform by the third parties involved.

Caffeina Aon One affinity l assicurazione digitale innovativa per il B2B

More than 30 insurance sites, one design system.

Our designers and developers designed and developed a modular Design System for the Web, consisting of reusable templates, components, and modules. This allowed us to implement a consistent user experience with speed while designing a scalable solution for future evolutions of the entire ecosystem.


An integrated delivery plan to speed up time.

We built an integrated workflow that minimized integration time by dividing deliverables into independent epics and a shared repository between the parties. All this was enhanced by constant support and technological and design quality control of the final product.

Caffeina Aon One affinity l assicurazione digitale innovativa per il B2B


Design principles.

We redesigned the information architecture, organized content on feedback from real users, and improved the clarity and ease of reading content using a more pronounced visual hierarchy. Special attention was paid to clearly categorize information directed at existing customers and prospects, guiding them to complete their goals through personalized navigation paths.

Quotation funnel.

The quotation funnel, made publicly accessible without mandatory registration, has been streamlined and enriched with key features to increase the conversion rate of underwritten policies and processed quotes.


The new information architecture of the portals in synergy with renewed budgeting logic immediately led to relevant performance results.

Rebound frequency
Pages per session
Average session duration
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