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Ariston has selected us for the design and development of a new ecosystem of digital services dedicated to its plumbing and heating professionals, bringing together exclusive tools and services to provide better support even at a distance.

With over 90 years of history and growth driven by passion and expertise, Ariston is a world leader in the thermal comfort sector.
Ariston provides consumers with solutions for their comfort, focusing on high performance, long-lasting quality and Italian design, all thanks to the use of the best technologies, product knowledge and research into innovation.



What we did

Experience Design





A stronger relationship with professionals.

The relationship with professionals has always played a central role for Ariston, which has taken steps to further strengthen the type of experiences and services dedicated to them.

Based on this drive, we worked together to develop a new ecosystem of digital products and services that would create a hub for heating and water-heating professionals and provide a digital space dedicated to education, Ariston product knowledge and the opportunity to discover new brand solutions.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


A collaborative approach.

With a cross-functional team and strong collaboration with key Ariston stakeholders, we started the project with a series of interviews with major professionals, service centres and installer partners to identify the needs of end-users.

With a user-centred approach, we then built the Customer Journeys of the different types of user profiles, identifying the main needs and opportunities.

Based on these insights, we then created and developed a new strategy of innovative products and services capable of creating real value for professionals and an even stronger relationship between them and the brand.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


A streamlined and iterative path.

The initial research phase was crucial to allow us to understand the reference context, gathering the desires and needs of our users.

We then dedicated ourselves to the realisation of the first iteration of the new ecosystem, which would bring together the different tools and services dedicated to Ariston professionals in a single platform.

We therefore designed Ariston OneTeam: a reserved area that would allow us to collect the existing services available to professionals, but also to add new ones according to the needs determined by the brand and the users.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


A dedicated platform for courses and events.

One of the first new products we created is dedicated to training. Enriched at a later stage with the entire agenda of Ariston events, be they training or brand events.

Through the Event & Learning Hub within Ariston OneTeam one can in fact access all Ariston’s technical and regulatory training offerings live or on demand, register for in-person refresher courses, get information or register for events available for one’s professional category.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


A dedicated product for video content.

The second product in the ecosystem, the Media Center, is dedicated to video content.

The product allows you to enjoy the entire Ariston video catalogue, including product media of an informative or technical nature, normative handouts, but also brand-related content.

This is where professionals can explore the product range, deepen technical aspects, search, filter videos of their interest and add their favourite videos by creating playlists, all on demand.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


Video production.

In addition to the development of the digital product, Caffeina is also continuously involved in the production of all the video content that populates the dedicated vertical.

Thanks to Caffeina’s internal production house, both educational videos and, by means of ad hoc shooting sessions, how-to videos related to the different types of Ariston products and particularly useful in the daily work of technicians and installers are thus produced.

Finally, all videos are localised to allow each country to have easily accessible content.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


A new immersive catalogue.

On the occasion of the launch of the new Ariston product line, we have equipped the private area reserved for professionals with a new catalogue, the E-Catalog, which collects the entire wide range of Ariston products, accessories and price lists.

Through this service, professionals can search, filter and visualise the products they are interested in, with the possibility, for the top of the range, to deepen the details of the object through a 360° exploration and an immersive and interactive 3D navigation.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


3D System Showroom.

In order to present to professionals the range of Ariston products installed without necessarily having to access a physical space, we designed the System Showroom. This is a 3D display environment where the user can explore the variety of Ariston systems placed inside virtual homes.

In this application, professionals can find innovative water and space heating solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each home and discover new products by interacting with them in a more immersive way.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


A new Systems Portfolio.

Knowledge, innovation and technology represent Ariston’s heritage, which is why we have created the Solution Portfolio, a service dedicated to telling the story of the brand’s most innovative and avant-garde projects, capable of responding to diversified and increasingly complex installation needs.

Through this product, users can access the entire portfolio of Ariston solutions and identify the most suitable system for their project from among the projects realised or Ariston proposals, find out the system details and consult diagrams and documentation.

Caffeina Ariston One Team


Global expansion.

After the first release dedicated to country Italy professionals, we started a process of declining the Ariston OneTeam ecosystem for the different markets where the brand is present.

The rollout plan, managed on a quarterly basis and involving the countries Poland and Hungary for the time being, has as its next objective the adaptation of all platform services according to the specificities of each country to ensure expansion to other European markets, and is also designed in a modular manner to be able to adapt to the declination of countries outside EMEA.

Caffeina Ariston One Team
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