Atkinsons 1799

ECommerce Platform

Atkinsons, a brand that has made history in the tradition of English fragrances, is repositioning itself in the marketplace with a sleek and eye-catching new eCommerce creating an engaging and unique user experience.

Atkinsons 1799 is a historical brand founded in London by a young man named James Atkinsons, who turned his passion for fragrances, ointments, and balms into a full-fledged business.

The brand’s style combines British sophistication and elegance with an empowering, refined, nonconformist style, resulting in unique fragrances with timeless appeal.




Experience Design


A new showcase for a timeless icon.

Atkinsons, an iconic British niche perfumery brand, asked us to design its online boutique experience from scratch in preparation for its new rebranding and repositioning in the marketplace.

The goal was to digitally recreate the unique atmosphere of the physical store by simulating an immersive and engaging shopping experience among products rich in history and personality.


A digital experience of stories and fragrances.

Through the work of our Digital Product Unit, we took an in-depth look at the new brand guidelines, translating them into user experience design principles for the new eCommerce.

The ultimate goal was to create an eCommerce that could guide users as they explore and purchase products. To support this experience based on research and discovery, we designed an interactive quiz that, through a series of questions, helps users find the perfect scent for their personality.

Caffeina Atkinson eCommerce Platform
Caffeina Atkinson eCommerce Platform

A project end-to-end.

The technological solution was implemented using Magento 2.4, an open-source eCommerce platform that we integrated with all of the company’s systems.

This made it possible to manage all activities related to the eCommerce lifecycle in a streamlined and automated way: from orders to product delivery, from managing newsletter contacts to exporting catalogs for Google Shopping campaigns.

Using a dedicated CMS, the client can monitor and manage all of this independently.

Caffeina Atkinson eCommerce Platform


Timeless niche style.

Considering the brand’s new repositioning in the market, the design planning phase focused on creating a user experience that would be engaging, appealing, and able to bring out the brand’s value.

The interpretation of the new guidelines led to the representation of a new aesthetic line in line with a timeless contemporary mood with a sophisticated and elegant style, perfectly in line with the standards of luxury with a bold and decisive character.

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