B2B and B2C media approach

A strategic project for Blu. We activated a media strategy to strengthen the brand's value in the B2B market and communicate its uniqueness in the B2C market.

Blu is a brand that has been involved in water in all its forms since 1998, distributing water bottles and dispensers to a network built over the years of more than 50,000 customers.

At the core of Blu is the desire to produce and offer the best to its customers, so it has developed a widespread service because it is present throughout the country and of high quality.




Digital media


A lead approach for B2B and B2C.

Blu is one of the most important players in office water supply service in Italy.

In 2020, they launched a new B2C offering, engaging Caffeina to create a communication ecosystem that could work on both targets and aimed to raise awareness of the service and generate new business.

Caffeina Blu B2B and B2C Approach


A vertical approach by target.

We activated a media strategy that would allow us to work on awareness right away, communicating the benefits of the service from two points: the B2B and B2C targets.

We carried out the first awareness phase through video formats and social micro-campaigns, then moved into lead generation through search, retargeting, and inMail campaigns.

To encourage adoption, we structured and defined targeted promotional landing pages.

Caffeina Blu B2B and B2C Approach


Comprehensive planning, with roles defined by channel:


DISPLAY: Increase and reach new prospects to increase traffic to landing pages.

SOCIAL ADV: Let people know the benefits of the service and drive traffic to landing pages with conversion goal.

FACEBOOK LEAD GEN: Generate the lead directly on the social channel to shorten the steps of the customer journey.


SEARCH: Intercept the target audience at the time of search to take them to the landing pages of the various services and convert.

INMAIL: Use the LinkedIn channel to generate leads among potentially interested companies.

RETARGETING: Convert the target audience that has already come in contact with the brand into new leads and potential customers.

Caffeina Blu B2B and B2C Approach

A Dashboard that is always up-to-date.

We have made available a customized and updated real-time dashboard to extract campaign data from each platform to make valuable decisions for optimizing marketing campaigns and initiatives.

The number of leads, traffic data, and performance are just some variables constantly monitored, as is spending.


Implement a lead generation-oriented media strategy for the dual B2B and B2C target audience.

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