Brand Repositioning

A strategic project for Blu. Through a brand, target, and category analysis, we identified a distinctive positioning that could strengthen the brand's value in the B2B market and communicate its uniqueness in the B2C market.

Blu is a brand that has been involved in water since 1998, distributing water bottles & dispensers to a network built over years of more than 50,000 customers.
At the core of Blu is the desire to produce and offer the best to its customers, which is why it has developed nationwide high-quality service.






Redefining the brand, expanding it to the B2C segment.

Blu is an Italian company that aims to produce and bring to its customers the best water, simply and conveniently.
Already successfully present in the B2B market, Blu has turned to Caffeina to expand into the B2C market and become the best solution for home water.

Caffeina Blu Repositioning
Caffeina Blu Repositioning


Blue in two words: Simplicity and freedom.

We analyzed brand, category, and consumer through desk and field analysis. We realized that the two target groups had the need for stress-free solutions in common. What emerged from the category was the need to communicate the simplicity of the service offered rather than product features.

Ultimately, we understood the Blu brand’s true strength: its services’ excellence and ubiquity. Hence, identifying the strategic direction and positioning that takes ownership of the concept of freedom through simplification.


A cross-platform approach for the new Blue.

Leveraging the new strategic direction, we built a new conceptual and visual identity that could best represent the brand to the new target audience.

We then redefined the entire brand communication ecosystem, taking a cross-platform approach and starting with a website that could effectively speak to people and businesses.

Caffeina Blu Repositioning

A new experience for people and businesses.

How to best tell the story of the services Blu offers, explain their benefits for individuals and business opportunities, and optimize the contact and lead generation process?

This was the challenge for the new Blue site, a digital product that can generate business success for both targets.

A product to achieve business goals.

The solution proposed by Caffeina is based on a complete redesign of the Site, conceived from a Digital Product perspective, with a style that enhances the brand identity in its renewed positioning and aims to inform and guide different targets toward conversion.

Both targets now find a navigation funnel dedicated to their specific needs and can open a direct communication channel with the brand in just a few moves.

Caffeina Blu Repositioning

New modular information architecture.

We started the design from the information architecture from the atomic content perspective to make each section easily reusable and reassemble and create many different experiences for each target audience.

We have reorganized the flows and navigation to allow the user to find and deepen the Blue services dedicated to their specific needs and implemented a new product configurator to facilitate a purchase drastically.

Caffeina Blu Repositioning

Flexible Content Governance.

Caffeina’s cross-functional team has pursued a technological approach that features flexibility and independence in creating new content. That allows wide margins of autonomy for back-office users while ensuring a curated and flawless presentation to the end-user using the new Design System.

This balance allows content to be kept alive and dynamic over time without sacrificing its aesthetic presentation and communication effectiveness.

E-commerce & Lead Generation.

An online configurator allows B2C users to purchase or request a free trial of a Blu Mouthpiece Dispenser, selecting features (temperature and water carbonation) and product specifications as needed..

In addition, the platform supports the creation of Landing Pages dedicated to vertical target segments to highlight specific aspects of the services offered by Blu.

Caffeina Blu Repositioning
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