The cover of the new "Scegli con il C**o" campaign in 5 colors. Close up version. Created by Caffeina for Egoitaliano.

A unique TOV for a unique service

FLIP is the rental and reconditioning program for Egoitaliano sofas, which allows you to rent a product for 40 months for a monthly fee. At the end of the period, you can choose to redeem or return it.

Egoitaliano was born in Matera in 2007. They describe themselves as the teenagers of upholstered furniture, they design and market colourful, innovative and customizable sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories. They are present in the major world markets with a differentiation strategy based on Made in Italy and on the relaxation functions of the seats. Theirs is design in motion: towards people, towards everything around us, towards the future.






Flip is a new service that allows you to rent a sofa instead of buying it.
A service never offered by any other brand and therefore needs to be explained and made known to people.


Italians spend a lot of time, a lot of attention and a lot of head when buying a sofa: because once they buy it, they don’t change it for years. Or decades.

An Egoitaliano sofa showroom. Caffeina for Egoitaliano.

Reality check: how do we WIN OUR CHALLENGE?

We told that by opting for a rental sofa you can finally choose it more lightly, because you can always go back.

A new way of choosing

The campaign that invites you to choose your sofa with that part of your body that will use the sofa the most and remain carefree.

We have shown that choosing with the 🍑 can bring important results ❤️

The campaign was able to hit two macro objectives: to spread awareness about the rental project and to bring many more people than expected to inquire about the new service.
The media investment mainly involved Meta channels through which traffic to the landing page dedicated to the project was stimulated, establishing an unexpected result even at the level of cost per lead.

Users reached
Effective CPL (compared to 9€ CPL planned)
Are you in for a new impactful experience?