Ti Amo Italia

Ti Amo Italia is the brand activation that featured 30 limited edition jars that Nutella used to make Italians discover the beauty of life by pushing them to find the beauty that surrounds them.

Nutella, a historic Ferrero brand born in 1964, has grown to become an iconic representation of positivity.
Italian excellence, known and loved worldwide, has a mission to be chosen and appreciated by people to bring a touch of positivity to their days.

The iconic jar was the centerpiece of the October 2020 activation, in which we reminded Italians that, in our country, beauty surrounds us and that to discover something beautiful, you don’t have to go far, especially if you live in Italy.






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The glass half full, even in 2020.

Nutella’s ambition is to become a true symbol of positivity for everyone: an icon of optimism.
Our ambition was to create a valuable asset that would be able to guide Nutella’s communication in 2020, but also remain valuable in the years that follow.

The challenge was to identify a relevant area of interest for all Italians, to build a big idea that was:

→ Simple and appealing to anyone;
→ Collectible and able to convert;
→ Distinctive and recognizable;
Highly newsworthy.

Caffeina Nutella Ti Amo Italia


The perfect match.

We approached the project through a comprehensive mapping of all the small and big truths that distinguish us as Italians and all the moments that bring us positivity.

We did this by listening to the voices of over 500 Italians, through surveys and face-to-face interviews.

The final choice was to celebrate the love Italians have towards their territory: the perfect combination of Italianness and positivity.

Caffeina Nutella Ti Amo Italia

Getting people to discover the beauty of Italy right from the supermarket.

The marketing operation was thus based on the iconic and central role of the jar.

Thus Ti Amo Italia was born, a representation of our country, taken from an insight strongly linked to the historical context and positioning of the brand: Nutella makes people discover the beauty of life by pushing Italians to discover the beauty that surrounds them.

The goal was to forge a new bond with Italians through a project that strongly emphasized the sense of belonging to one’s country and used the brand’s primary media: the product itself and the packaging.


In our country, beauty surrounds us.

We reminded Italians that, in our country, beauty surrounds us.

In collaboration with Enit, the National Tourist Board, we created 30 unique jars, each dedicated to an iconic place in our country: from cities to the sea to the mountains. When traveling was difficult, we made it possible to take a little trip simply by going to the supermarket.
Showing how life is beautiful, always. Even in 2020, especially if you live in Italy.

An inclusive and identity-driven operation allowed Nutella to engage the campaign’s entire, broad target audience. All Italians aged 25 to 65 are shoppers and consumers, regardless of gender or geographic area.

Caffeina Nutella Ti Amo Italia

A novel art form and a journey of atoms and bits.

We chose a novel art form for execution: photography. This is the first time photography has become a method of personalizing the iconic jar, taking advantage of unique technology that covers the jars with HD film.

The art direction leaves as much room as possible for compelling images, making the brand both central and discreet. The jar is also the starting point of a journey of atoms and bits: through a QR code, Nutella has created a 360° experience of all the places in the collection.

Caffeina Nutella Ti Amo Italia

Millions of special jars of Nutella across the country.

Finally, the limited edition 2020 edition of Ti Amo Italia, in collaboration with Enit and promoting the Italian territory, had a record number of contents published on the web (one every 7 minutes). Involving users, consumers, public institutions, and regions, generating a strongly positive sentiment related to the sense of belonging, as never before.

Caffeina Nutella Ti Amo Italia


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