Caffeina Camst Group Trasmettere valori aziendali
Camst group

Conveying corporate values

We devised an editorial strategy, for LinkedIn and Facebook, to enable the Camst group to raise awareness of its services, telling people about the company and the values it believes in.

Camst group is a Cooperative Benefit Company offering both catering and facility services.
It has always had sustainability at heart and applies its principles in order to improve the present and future of people, the company itself and the Planet.




Content Factory


Our aim was to position Camst Group on LinkedIn and Facebook in a clear and distinctive way, communicating the values that set the company apart.


Camst cares about people every day: it is not just a company but much more.
It cares about everyone’s wellbeing, pays close attention to issues such as food waste, environmental impact and carries out initiatives and projects that support innovation and change. These goals need to be communicated effectively.

Caffeina Camst Group Trasmettere valori aziendali

Reality check: how do we deal with the challenge?

Every company has a story to tell, but people choose brands only when they share their values and find a strong and coherent identity.

97% of B2B marketers
Invest on LinkedIn for branding activities

We took advantage of the predisposition to listen to the audience present on LinkedIn (690+ million users) to communicate, with an institutional and formal TOV, the values, services and initiatives carried out over the years by the Camst group.

We wrote about the services and values in which the brand believes in emphasising the daily commitment building a better future for people and the planet.

Caffeina Camst Group Trasmettere valori aziendali

Facebook is the social where you can tell your story.

Facebook is still one of the most used social networks by Italians (77,5%): with more than 41 million monthly active users.
The human factor is fundamental here: people seek information, dialogue, entertainment and exchange with those who share their interests.

We wrote about the services and values in which the brand believes in focusing on the human factor to create more interaction with users.

Caffeina Camst Group Trasmettere valori aziendali
A versatile and emotional storytelling.

We tell the story of the wide range of products and services that Camst offers on a daily basis, with great attention to the quality of raw materials, the wellness of people and the protection of the planet.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a Content Strategy that creates and declines content to increase the group’s brand awareness and, consequently, its audience.

Caffeina Camst Group Trasmettere valori aziendali
Caffeina Camst Group Trasmettere valori aziendali


By studying the target audience and creating corporate content with a different slant depending on the channel used, we were able to effectively communicate the brand’s values, and achieve steady growth in several areas: followers, ER% and clicks on posts.

Following good corporate storytelling practices proved to be a concrete and effective solution for increasing brand awareness and, consequently, converting users into loyal customers.

of followers on the LinkedIn page.
of clicks on content compared to the initial period (Facebook)
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