Strategy and creativity in the service of performance

With Carrefour Italia, we have developed a new strategic approach to drive digital and social communication, enhancing and evolving brand assets through value-based storytelling.

Carrefour Italia, part of the Carrefour Group, is present in 18 Italian regions and is one of the territory’s most widespread distribution entities. Innovation, convenience, services, and enhancement of the food and wine excellence of the Italian territory are its main strengths. From this vision, we guided both the creativity and the best formats to reach the target audience, amplifying Carrefour’s distinctive positioning: ‘We all deserve the best’.




Experience Design



Digital Media



A synergistic approach between strategy, creativity and media.

Carrefour Italy involved us in optimizing the performance of its Digital & Social communication management.
The challenge was to identify a new communication strategy that would maximize engagement and business objectives, helping to improve the bond between the brand and its consumers.

Content strategy and creativity have become vital assets to strengthen positioning in the Italian market and contribute to business objectives on the two main sales channels: the store network and eCommerce.


A diverse team, one vision.

Through the synergistic work of strategy and creativity, we have developed a Customer Journey that enhances all the touchpoints that connect the brand and the consumer, thus optimizing the user lifecycle.

Therefore, we assigned clear goals to each touchpoint on the conversion and engagement side to give the team common goals shared with the client. To make the Journey a reality, we finally built a multidisciplinary team consisting of a UX Designer, Developer, Social Media Manager, Content Designer, Strategic Planner, and Account and Media Planner.

Caffeina Carrefour Strategia e creatività al servizio delle performance


A new content strategy for social media.

To further increase the impact of the new digital communication, we defined a new social media content strategy, selecting the most suitable formats to convey brand messages and special initiatives.

Original content production, social media management, digital communication campaigns, digital media planning, CRO and landing page, and DEM development, a mix of activities designed to maximize the performance of each channel and convey commercial messages, where price and quality are the protagonists to be told.

Caffeina Carrefour Strategia e creatività al servizio delle performance


We increased target audience engagement for branded content and brought traffic to the site for those related to promotions and products.

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