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End-To-End Digital Platform: Plaisir

Lago Group, for the launch of its new Plaisir pastry line, decided to communicate the concept of the range also through a dedicated showcase site and hired Caffeina for this. The site created therefore recounts the unique sensory experience offered by Plaisir products, to live a moment of relaxation and intense pleasure, in a modern, pleasant and interactive way.

Lago Group is a company specialized in confectionery products on the shelves for more than 50 years.



What we did

Digital Product


New Plaisir range launched.

Lago Group, a producer of baked goods for 50 years, approached Caffeina with the goal of creating a showcase site to promote the new Plaisir brand.

The challenge was to present the new product range as a sensory experience, a moment of authentic pleasure and relaxation, bringing out the quality of raw materials and the combination of textures and flavors that are refined and distinctive.

Caffeina Lago Group Plaisir
Caffeina Lago Group Plaisir


Attractive design.

Caffeina’s proposed solution is to create a new website that tells the story of the brand and its products in a highly experiential, enjoyable and interactive way.

To do this, we thought of introducing elements with which the user could interact in the Hero, so that they could explore all the ingredients that made up the product on display.

The use of color played a key role so that the warm and pleasant atmosphere that characterizes the brand could be perceived.

Caffeina Lago Group Plaisir
Caffeina Lago Group Plaisir


Project end-to-end.

With a multidisciplinary approach, Caffeina took care of the 360-degree project management: from redesign to development to site launch.

We started with the design phase by researching visual and functional benchmarks through an analysis of competitors and comparables. After defining the aesthetics through style proposals and experience with information architecture, we designed the mobile first interface.

Finally, we developed the site in WordPress, which allows for flexible and autonomous management of all present content.

Caffeina Lago Group Plaisir
Caffeina Lago Group Plaisir
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