Caffeina Naima xmas campaign

Naïmaland | Xmas Campaign

We have transformed every perfume shop into a unique place, where you can find the magic of Christmas but also the perfect gifts for the people we love.

Naïma is the perfume shop close to people, which offers its customers the possibility to choose among thousands of products from the best brands. For Naïma, the Christmas campaign is a very important tactical moment, especially to focus on the brand’s mission in the consumer’s mind: becoming “your beauty destination”.



What we did

Integrated Marketing




From perfume shop to a place of Christmas.

The Christmas season is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated times of the year, thanks to its magical atmosphere and the opportunity to make our loved ones happy with a special gift.

At Naïma, you can find gifts for everyone thanks to the selection of products designed to satisfy every taste and desire.

And not only that: the shopping experience at Naïmaland is unique, thanks to the attention to detail and passion we put into creating a welcoming and magical atmosphere, where our customers feel pampered and inspired.

Caffeina Naima xmas campaign


Naïmaland, the destination for all gifts.

We have created a unique place, where you can find all the magic of Christmas but also the perfect gifts for friends and family. And we have done it both virtually and physically, transforming every beauty store into the ultimate destination for Christmas gifts.


A magical destination.

To make the communication unique, both online and offline, we chose to work on a distinctive element of Naïma: the dieresis.

Two hot air balloons, one red and one green, take up the iconic dots of the logo and accompany the customer to discover this magical world, made up of offers and products from the best brands for both him and her.

From the shop window to the shopper, as well as on social media, every material has been designed and created to make Naïma a magical destination, where to find all gifts.


The competition to win a year of beauty.

In this magical context, we also supported Naïma in the development of materials dedicated to the competition.

Following the purchase of one or more products from participating brands, customers received a postcard to participate in the competition and win a year of beauty.

Caffeina Naima xmas campaign
Caffeina Naima xmas campaign
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