Brand and product in one storytelling

We told the different brand lines by creating stories that put people at the center of creating campaigns that could strengthen the brand's social media communication.

Rado is a brand celebrated for its luxury and high-end watches. Over the years, it has made innovation and tradition its strong points, thanks to its ability to project itself into the future, technologies, and a solid legacy.
Rado’s mission is to discover, invent and innovate in the world of watchmaking.




Video Production


Getting users to experience the brand.

Rado proposed to us a double challenge: to strengthen brand communication on social media with a new targeted content strategy and to create campaigns dedicated to both new launches and products already available on the market. We responded to this challenge by starting with the product but going further. We structured a communication capable of making users live the brand experience.

A goal was achieved thanks to a strategic approach, strong creative thinking, and the work of Caffeina Studios.


From a product-centric approach to storytelling.

We wanted to go beyond product storytelling to brand storytelling, consistent with the brand’s positioning: FEEL IT.

Each campaign allowed us to express who Rado is and what its products are through a story: we abandoned the purely product-centric approach to embrace a language and communication closer to people.

The balancer: the synergy of balance and perfection of shapes.

The campaign aimed to launch the True Square line, enhancing the technical features of the products in the range and strengthening the brand positioning.

We did this by bringing to life the film “The Balancer” with a creative concept, strong emotional impact, and aspirational TOV. The production was fully carried out by Caffeina Studios, which handled the video hero and the teaser and sneak-peak content.

The content is part of a designed channel strategy that saw the campaign live on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter, with formats in line with the target channel.

Wild is calling: one story, two souls.

Wild is calling was the campaign dedicated to the different souls of Captain Cook, the watch of those who live by exploration.

Through the creative concept, we have elevated and enhanced the different ways of being a spirit driven by the desire to discover and learn about new things. In the film, constructed in episodes, we see the same protagonist experiencing both city and nature.

A creative approach that works by the contrast between copy and live-action scenes. For Captain Cook, 12 videos and 30 images were produced by Caffeina Studios to cover the planning over a period of about 2 months.


From product to user sensations.

The content strategy we structured for Rado aimed to put people at the center, allowing users to experience the brand’s products through their feelings. The same materials and characteristics of Rado watches are presented in a new graphic design that leads the user to immerse themselves in the nature from which these materials come from. Each model is an experience to be lived, each natural element a new sensation to be experienced.

A new multichannel communication involving Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok, a channel for which we have produced original content intended for its specific target and characterized by a distinctive TOV.

In fact, for TikTok, we studied a content strategy capable of enhancing the features of the products while respecting the language and trends typical of that social network. Each Rado watch became the real protagonist of this content, created by Caffeina Studios and 100% native TikTok. Choreographies, Emoji dance, and Satisfying videos are just some of the trends that guided us in content production, allowing us to impact, communicate and engage users.

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