Caffeina Santàl Raccontata dai fruttivendoli d'Italia

Santàl described from Italy’s Greengrocer

Narrating the flavor of fruit on social media is not an easy task. You need someone you can trust immediately, thanks to experience and sympathy. Who better than greengrocers from different Italian regions can talk about the true taste of fruit?

To reinforce the “Santàl, savor fruit” positioning and communicate the launch of two new natural and genuine references, Santàl Centrifughe and Santàl BIO, Italy’s Greengrocers have become the key players of the Santàl campaign. Each product of the brand has in fact different characteristics, just like Simone, Salvatore, Gianni and Concetta, fruit experts, coming from different Italian regions, each with his own accent, each with his own personality and an irresistible verve that makes them unique.



What we did

Create Concept

Video Strategy

Social Media


Spot Radio


Why did we choose Greengrocers?

Our idea was a simple but effective answer to a question: who can communicate the flavor of fruit better than a person who chooses it daily?

Italy’s greengrocers who, with their own personalities and experiences, recognize the best fruit to meet people’s need, who buy those products every day in the markets of the country. Based on this insight, we have entrusted the campaign in the hands of 4 greengrocers from 4 different regions in order to convey the genuineness of the two new lines.


Content Factory & Digital Campaign.

The campaign was structured on the basis of the Content Factory model, optimizing all production to obtain:

1 long video of 75”
4 short video of 15”
8 micro-video of 6”
2 radio characters of 15”

The Digital Campaign started on the 13th of July, along with the Radio Campaign. They continued until the half of august and they confirmed and overcame the expected results.

Caffeina Santàl Raccontata dai fruttivendoli di Italia


A brand lift with Nielsen has confirmed the efficency of the campaign, that has brought extraordinary results!

July 2018 – August 2018

Sales Impact
Purchase intention
Ad Recall
VTR 100% Video 75"
29 M
Complete Video View Complete at 100%
98 M
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