Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta
Tutto Pannocarta


A fully data-driven campaign, from start to finish, that transformed the KPIs analyzed in the first part of the year into information, then into creativity, and finally into new insights to be exploded in 2023. The campaign strengthens and continues the communication of the brand Everything through its hero product "Pannocarta". In particular, the strategy aims to enter people's daily lives to discover the common and innovative uses of the most versatile roll there is.

Lucart is the largest European producer of flexible packaging paper and one of the leading European producers of paper, tissue products, and Airlaid. Everything is one of the brands of the Group that has made “Tutto Pannocarta” the hero product of the range: thanks to its triple function as a paper-cloth and sponge and the possibility of being washed and reused on different household surfaces, it is today the only example of sustainable versatility in the Italian market.




Content design




Research guides creativity.

The goal of the first campaign created for Tutto, “use, use, use and throw away”, was to work on the consideration phase, highlighting the benefits of the product.

After excellent results, with engagement and conversion rates significantly higher than expectations, we set the goal for the second campaign to involve and get to know better the community that had responded so enthusiastically to the brand’s messages.

Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the target, we have identified 3 clusters to work on: Tutto Lovers, Explorers and Usa Drivers.


…thanks to Panno!

That Tutto Pannocarta was a product out of the ordinary, we had already said. That it could be used and reused was known. And that it was ideal for different surfaces, too.

We needed an input that would push the different clusters to tell us about their uses of the product.

So we made the product’s versatility obvious and to the exclamation “I clean the whole kitchen with just one sheet” we responded with an ironic “Oh, grazie al Panno!”, launching a campaign that, with a supporting hashtag, invited people to tell about the uses and reuses that only Tutto Pannocarta can support.

Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta


Everything passes through people.

A funnel built for and by people.

We transformed the feedback received during the awareness phase into actual content to support the consideration phase, allowing us to enhance the community and increase trust towards new users.

This way, the most loyal ones told the potential of Tutto Pannocarta and explorers were guided towards discovering the main product sales channels.

Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta
Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta
Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta
Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta


Engage and get to know the community better through specific messages targeted at the three clusters identified through research.

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