Unibox Branded Content

The project was created from the need to clearly and directly communicate the services offered by Unibox, the innovative black box chosen by more than 4 million Italians, changing the perception of the product by explaining its benefits.

UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A. is Unipol Group’s multi-branch insurance company, Italy’s leading property insurer, particularly in motor TPL. Strongly active in life insurance as well, it occupies an absolute pre-eminent position in the national ranking of insurance groups by direct premiums and serves more than 10 million customers.

UnipolSai Assicurazioni offers insurance policies on your automobiles, home, work, protection, and savings.




Content Design




Transforming Unibox from a product we are wary of to an ally.

We set ourselves a challenge: to reverse the perception of Unipol’s Unibox black box in the eyes of potential customers.

The goal was to make people understand how Unibox is not a control tool but a set of useful features to find the car when it has been lost or stolen, to alert help in case of an accident, or to inform us when speed limits are exceeded.

Different target groups can highly appreciate features, especially parents who share a car with their children.


Unipol & Le Coliche: safety is on board with you.

To explain to parents and children how Unibox can fit their needs, we chose two Comedy YouTubers capable of telling complex issues with simplicity and irony: Le Coliche.

Together with them, we told the story of a father who lends his car for a day to his two sons and then managed to reconstruct their incidents through the service, combining entertainment and product communication naturally. Thus was born “Safety is on board with you.”

Caffeina UnipolSai Unibox Branded Content


A Diversified Media Strategy.

Consistent with the communication strategy, the media strategy focused on activities capable of working on product consideration without forgetting about lead generation, i.e., generating estimates.

The campaign was planned on the leading social and digital channels (Facebook Network, Paid Search) with the dual objective of awareness and conversion.

And it was supported by affiliate marketing activities, including DEM, SMS, display, text link and newsletter, and micro-influencer campaign to consolidate the message by addressing an even more specific target audience.


Changing negative perceptions of the black box, creating awareness in users of its valuable features and how they can come in handy in everyday life.

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