Caffeina ABB abitazione in evoluzione si chiama Casa Aumentata

The house in evolution is called "Augmented House"

When the leader in the development of technologies for energy and innovation decides to create a cutting-edge solution for the management of domestic needs, that’s when Augmented House is born: the Evolving Housing. From the brand strategy to the story of a complex technology in a simple and affordable way, a project that led people to discover and choose a new product, on every digital touchpoints.

Since over 130 years ABB is been leading the technological evolution of industries around the world. In 2019 it decided to go further and enter people’s homes directly. This is why it has created an integrated ecosystem capable of bringing the best ABB solutions in terms of comfort, safety and energy efficiency into homes.
Our challenge? To introduce a wide audience to a technology capable of changing their daily life, moving from a mainly B2B communication to a B2C one.
We did this by launching a new brand addressed to the final consumer, and telling in a simple and natural language how each of our houses can become a flexible and evolving space, able to adapt to the needs of all those who live in.



What we did

Content design




Home Augmentation.

The roots of the new brand lie in a solid strategic positioning. ABB needed to give its Home Augmentation solution a differentiating role, a well-defined personality and a purpose, starting from the company’s authority and its technological expertise.

To do this, we studied the strengths of the new project, as well as the functional and emotional needs of the potential target, to create a connection between the brand and the people. A long journey, culminating in a promise of value for professionals and individuals, conveyed by a bold and dynamic personality.

We have given the newborn brand a name – Augmented House – a logo, and a payoff capable of transmitting in a simple and direct way the main benefit of a very complex technological solution: “The house in evolution”.


A symphony of solutions, always at hand.

We developed a launch strategy based on the realisation of a hero video of an influencer marketing activity, the creation of an editorial plan on social media and digital campaigns aimed at ordinary people and industry professionals.

In the hero video we wanted to tell the simplicity of this new solution.
An ease of use that hides a cutting-edge technological complexity, which allows us to manage our home with simple harmonious gestures, activating all the Home Augmentation functions such as light, music, temperature, energy management. A symphony of solutions, always at your fingertips.

Caffeina ABB abitazione in evoluzione si chiama Casa Aumentata


Influencer Marketing: Alessandro Borghese.

We accompanied the video with a PR launch in collaboration with Chef Alessandro Borghese, a face that makes naturalness and spontaneity his flag. The same naturalness with which Augmented House has allowed him to live his passions more easily, building a story on his social pages throughout 2020.

The campaign continued on the brand’s social and digital channels, with a series of contents dedicated to individuals and design professionals. Each of these contents was supported by a media campaign designed to reach the different targets at every stage of the journey that led them to get to know Augmented House, to the choice of the solution.

Caffeina ABB abitazione in evoluzione si chiama Casa Aumentata

We then fulfilled the landing point of the whole campaign: the online platform of Augmented House, where, always following the keywords simplicity and naturalness, individuals and professionals can easily discover all the possibilities offered and ask, in a symple way, the installation of the system.
The future of Augmented House is in its name: constantly evolving.

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