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If the state does not give sufficient guarantees of reintegration to women leaving anti-violence centers, the path to asserting their freedom may remain frozen. Like the ice woman featured in the ActionAid campaign to support victims of violence.

ActionAid is the independent international organization committed to fighting the causes of poverty and injustice. It bases its work on respect for human rights and acts together with the most marginalized communities through long-term development programs in Italy, Asia, Africa and Latin America.



What we did



Denounce the absence of integrated policies.

Women emerging from violence have the right to have every opportunity to take back their lives.

To protect their path to emancipation, the state should provide housing, employment, financial, legal and management support for any care burdens through the adoption of integrated policies.

But all this is not happening.

That is why ActionAid asked Caffeina to develop an awareness campaign targeting both politicians and citizens, involving ambassador Claudia Gerini.

Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed



The lack of integrated policies to support women emerging from violence risks freezing the path to asserting their freedom.

To protest the absence of such policies, we therefore decided to show the politicians themselves and the public a frozen woman: an ice statue that metaphorically represents all women who have freed themselves from violence but are frozen by politics.

Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed
Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed


The woman of ice.

In Rome, a city of art but also of politics, Claudia Gerini unveiled the ice statue representing a woman emerging from violence: head held high, courageous gaze, step leaning forward into the future.

The ambassador invited people to sign ActionAid’s petition asking Italian politicians to “melt the ice” with appropriate integrated policies.

The campaign included a TV video starring Claudia Gerini, a social content plan, and an activation with influencers who lent their voices to the women of the Anti-Violence Centers, telling their stories.

Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed
Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed
Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed
Caffeina Actionaid FreeNotFreezed


Raise awareness of politicians and citizens and collect signatures for ActionAid’s petition.

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