Smart future of home climate

Ariston, a historic heating system manufacturer, chose us to redesign the remote management experience of its brands' connected systems to make them easier to use and support people in their daily comfort needs.

How to make home temperature management easy, anytime, anywhere, with a simple touch? With Ariston NET, we designed an app to control Ariston’s boiler, heat pump, or hybrid system simply and intuitively to make your home comfortable at all times, with a strong focus on optimizing the consumption of installed systems. Ariston turned to Caffeina to redesign the experience from scratch and improve product performance.




Experience Design


An ongoing method of collaboration.

The forming of an expanded Ariston + Caffeina team allowed us to work in sync, creating an agile working method that was always aligned at all stages of redesigning the new experience.
We started by drafting the business requirements with internal stakeholders, after which we interviewed a selected sample of actual users to understand their behaviors, needs, and views directly.

We organized several workshops and joint working sessions at key moments. We generated shared solutions that guided all subsequent design phases, such as creating the first paper prototypes of the new experience concept or redefining the new information architecture.
This method has allowed us to always be aligned and have continuous validation with stakeholders and end users.

Caffeina Ariston Il Futuro intelligente del clima della casa


Multi-team sharing tool.

To ensure that this repetitive method remained efficient, collaborative tools were used to ensure optimal alignment and communication of all parts of the work team at all times.


Flow analysis to validate interface navigation and functionality.

We defined the flows, structure, and composition of all interface screens through flow charts. At this stage, we designed in low loyalty, without considering the aesthetics of the screens but focusing solely on the functional aspects, to validate the designed solutions at a low economic impact.

Caffeina Ariston Il Futuro intelligente del clima della casa


Material Design to ensure usability and familiar navigation patterns.

Ariston NET runs on different operating systems: to facilitate the use and reachability of information, we created a “common” design system based on Google’s Material Design components. This allows us to be more flexible in the later stages of evolution, testing, and implementation of new features.

Caffeina Ariston Il Futuro intelligente del clima della casa

A functional prototype to simulate and test the real experience.

Using Framer as our prototyping software, we created a realistic prototype that could truly reproduce the app’s user experience. This rapid prototyping phase allowed us to create the tool and the basis for the next phase: testing with real users, where we validated the choices made during the previous design phases.


Test the product with real users to validate design choices.

Through user testing moderated in our UX Lab, we gathered a range of important feedback directly from real users, which helped us finalize the app’s functionality.

Caffeina Ariston Il Futuro intelligente del clima della casa

Easy by default, powerful on demand.

Ariston NET App has a profound level of integration with the systems it controls. Through the insights that emerged from the research (and subsequently from the creation of personas), we could outline different needs and uses by user type. We then devised two macro-types of functionality that coexist consistently:

1. clarity and simplicity in basic operations for “basic” users.

2. depth of functionality available for advanced users, reviewing and simplifying its operation.

Advanced features for total control.

We redesigned complex operations, such as weekly scheduling and energy consumption monitoring, to provide a simple and satisfying user experience.

Caffeina Ariston Il Futuro intelligente del clima della casa

Monitoring consumption to optimize savings.

Ariston NET users can optimize consumption and check how much they have saved by using the app. Therefore, we designed the consumption analysis parts with the problems and needs of the target user in mind.

Caffeina Ariston Il Futuro intelligente del clima della casa


Due to the re-design of the new experience, the data positively impact key defined KPIs, especially on App Store and Google Play ratings.

More than 400,000 total downloads of the app
+ 1,6pt
Average rating from 2.4 to 4 points on Play Store
+ 1,2pt
Average rating from 2.3 to 3.5 points on Apple Store
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