Banca AideXa

Creating a Brand Image

We created Banca AideXa's positioning, starting from the Brand Platform to defining its Brand Identity to distinguish it and make it a leader in a crowded market.

AideXa is a Startup founded by entrepreneurs and operates in the Fintech world, targeting Small and Medium Enterprises with financial products designed for their business. In 2020 it won the title of Bank, and in 2021 it ranked first among Italian LinkedIn Top Startups.






Building a Brand Identity.

AideXa is the SME bank that issues financing in less than 48 hours and aims to become the second bank of Italians: the one that takes care of people while growing businesses.

Caffeina was chosen to position Banca AideXa as a benchmark in the industry, aiming to best distinguish itself in a crowded market by creating a brand identity that is differentiating but able to get closer to its target audience, which is entrepreneurs and CFOs of Italian SMEs.

Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand


A brand that is simple, fast and ready...for any endeavor.

After a thorough analysis phase, we developed a brand platform that allowed us to identify the correct positioning, defining the Purpose, Vision, and Mission of Banca AideXa.

The positioning allowed us to define the tone of voice and the character traits to be translated into communication: simplicity, speed, and promptness.

Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand


The "X" as the defining element.

Starting with the concepts identified as load-bearing, we identified a distinctive visual style through the logo’s identity “X” of breaking it down and using it to create patterns and graphic cuts to define graphic cages.

Together with a concise and compelling copy strategy and brand colors, we developed a simple visual identity that is scalable to any medium, from ATL to Digital.

Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand

Digital first.

Digital presence for an innovative Bank is everything: To be recognizable primarily on these channels, we worked to lighten the cognitive load while remaining consistent with ATL guidelines, thus creating formats for Display, Social Advertising, and Social content.

In addition to static visuals, always playing with the “X” defined animations and transition effects were able to convey target-relevant video content and engaging messages.

Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand
Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand
Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand
Caffeina Banca AideXa Creating Brand
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