Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy
Banca Etica

CX Assessment & Strategy

The customer at the center: rethink people's experience with banking services to understand their real expectations and needs and develop a customer experience strategy that can be a lever for retention.

Banca Etica, a credit union specializing in ethical finance and established as a joint stock cooperative company, is committed to innovating the banking system by focusing on the social and environmental impacts of the credit provided. In 2018, we joined Banca Etica on its Customer Experience analysis journey to map and redefine all customer and member interactions with brand touchpoints.




Service Design

User Research

Expert Analysis


Innovating the Banca Etica experience.

In a context of digital transformation, which services and experiences can innovate the relationship between customer and Banca Etica?

Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy


Service Design Deliverables.

We developed a series of service design deliverables, such as archetypes, journey and blueprints to map the As-Is.

In the final envisioning phase, we designed the Customer Experience To-Be, identifying a coherent multi-channel vision and a set of short- and long-term focus areas.

Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy


A new Customer Experience.

We articulated a research and sense-making process by analysing through co-design, interviews and shadowing the current Customer Experience of Banca Etica and the vision of the various departments with respect to the customer experience.

Used our framework, which is based on: Immersion, Research & Analysis and Strategic Approach.

Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy


First stage: Immersion.

In the immersion, we interviewed the bank’s internal stakeholders, analysed and studied previous research to better understand the context and strategic objectives.
We also framed the criticalities of the current customer experience and the objectives of the various departments. Finally, the immersion ended with a workshop session to share hypotheses on problems and opportunities for the design of the Ethical Bank experience.

Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy


Second Stage: Research and Analysis.

We conducted in-context observation and rapid individual interviews (intercept) in branches in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Naples and Perugia. In addition to these, we conducted approximately 40 in-depth interviews (1.5 hours) with selected customers and bank operators.
A survey that allowed us to understand in detail the different types of users, interaction flows with the bank, critical issues and expectations.

Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy


Third stage: Strategy.

Based on the information highlighted during the research, we identified a strategic plan to improve the Customer Experience of Banca Etica (Experience foundation & Experience vision).

We defined the Customer Journey TO-BE and, therefore, the ideal experience for each touchpoint and actor involved (customer, employee, organisation).

Caffeina Banca Etica CX Assessment Strategy
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