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Everyone has their own reason for selling a house; thanks to Casavo, doing so becomes much easier. So we told the stories of several people who, relying on Casavo, spent less time selling their homes and more time thinking about their plans.

Casavo is the solution for selling your home quickly and easily. An innovative system allows you to do everything online, from remote viewing to appraisal to sale, saving energy and stress and devoting all your time to your projects, like changing cities or getting a bigger house with a garden.




Content Design


Explain a new business model.

The Casavo model is something new for the Italian market: a new way of selling real estate, free from complexity. It’s Casavo who buys your house, with an easy and fully digital procedure. The challenge we faced was to ideate a campaign that could explain what are the benefits when choosing Casavo, leveraging on the language of values.


Every reasons to sell a house.

Each of us has a reason to sell our house. Each of us has a project in mind that we want to accomplish without getting lost in the complexity of selling.

That’s the mission of Casavo.

This is the starting point of our communication. The 3 main characters of our story are shown when realising their dreams, not while they are selling their houses. The TV commercial ends with a clear message: everyone should dedicate their time to thinking about their projects, not selling their house.

Caffeina Casavo TV Campaign


A production 100% Caffeina.

Thanks to Caffeina Studios, we ideated and produced a TV commercial that could talk to the whole country, showing three stories in which everyone could recognize themselves. Three different subjects pushed to sell a house for different reasons.

A production in which the creative team has been able to work closely with the production one: from the visual direction to the choices of the commercial direction, from the casting to the scouting location, up to the shooting, editing and post-production. We have chosen 3 different pieces of music for each character to describe their attitudes.

The TV spot was broadcasted on the main national networks and was part of a broader campaign that also involved digital and social media.

Caffeina Casavo TV Campaign


Increase brand awareness and use of the service, enhancing the concept of simplicity and flexibility.

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