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Finding the best mortgage has never been easier

A new Home Mortgage offer for Crédit Agricole and a new web service to support people in finding the best solution for their needs.

How can Italians’ experience of applying for a mortgage be improved by listening to their needs and supporting them at such a delicate time as buying a property? Crédit Agricole, which has always been close to its customers in the home-buying phase, has launched a campaign whose protagonists are Italians. Caffeina was called in to revamp the page of the website dedicated to Mortgages, the primary landing touchpoint of the campaign, with the goal of:

• Revamp and improve the quote experience

• Revamp and improve the quote experience




Digital Product

Experience Design


A strong relationship between the work teams.

The two work teams, Caffeina + Crédit Agricole joined forces (virtually, of course) to redesign the mortgage search and evaluation experience together and to better present Crédit Agricole’s new, super advantageous offer. By tackling the entire process in an agile way and thanks to the direct collaboration of the two teams, we developed a design process focused on user data and related needs, revamping the entire digital experience very quickly.

Caffeina Crédit Agricole Trovare il miglior mutuo non è mai stato così semplice


Design System.

For this project, we created a new Design System, inspired by that of home banking, consisting of components and rules, on the one hand, allow maximum flexibility in building personalized experiences and, on the other hand, make the digital experience consistent with the rest of the bank’s digital ecosystem banking.

Caffeina Crédit Agricole Trovare il miglior mutuo non è mai stato così semplice



The new solution aims to provide people with more straightforward and intuitive navigation of results, especially from mobile devices. Together with Crédit Agricole, we worked on the small details that make a difference. To improve the readability and clarity of information and, above all, to give a visual prioritization that helps people orient themselves better and finish their simulation sooner and more effectively.


It all starts with the phone.

To drive conversion and improve the user experience, we designed the Home Mortgage site with a mobile-first data experience. From the request form for a new quote finely optimized for mobile visitors to the display and comparison of results, the entire experience is designed to simplify data reading and maximize conversions.

Caffeina Crédit Agricole Trovare il miglior mutuo non è mai stato così semplice


As a result of the new re-design experience, the data positively impacted key business metrics, with a relevant increase in results.

Conversion rate
Average session duration
Rebound frequency
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