Caffeina Dynamica Retail Conversion Funnel
Dynamica Retail

Conversion funnel

How to launch the first digital employee loans service? By redesigning an online experience making it fast and intuitive, and showing its simplicity and versatility to the various target audiences.

Dynamica Retail is a financial intermediary specialized in the provision of loans in the form of salary-backed loans and delegation of payment that boasts more than 700 million euros in loans disbursed in the last 5 years.
Thanks to a widespread network of agents, Dynamica Retail offers its customers the best conditions and the ideal loan to carry out their projects.




Experience Design



Digital Media



Loans become simple quick and dynamic.

Applying for a loan is often a long and complex operation, which involves a lot of bureaucracy and intricate steps.
Dynamica Retail has always offered its customers a reliable and fast service, thanks to the direct advice of its agents, but today it wants to offer the same level of customer care in a 100% digital experience.

To make the process simple, quick and personalized, it was necessary to carefully study the user’s needs and the functioning of the financial instrument.


A conversion funnel 100% digital.

After a careful analysis of the needs and the main triggers and blockers of customers, agents and internal stakeholders, we have identified the pain points of the current process and the strengths of the service offered by Dynamica Retail.

Starting from these takeouts we designed the new funnel from the ground up.

Starting from brand awareness through digital and social campaigns, we have defined the media mix necessary to channel users to a new institutional web portal, through which to develop consideration for the service and be able to complete the loan request in full digital mode.

Caffeina Dynamica Retail Conversion Funnel


To promote Dynamica Retail working on the top and middle funnel and controlling the main digital channels.


The initial strategic goal was to increase Dynamica Retail’s knowledge and brand presence on the main digital channels by reaching a vast network of users in order to make all its services known.

KPI: Impressions, Video Views, Reach & Frequency



It was essential to convey traffic to the website to encourage people to consider the brand as the main reference for the salary-backed loan service. This was done through ad-hoc retargeting campaigns and by hitting a more specific target interested in investment services.

KPI: Click, CTR, Sessions, Social Engagement

Caffeina Dynamica Retail Conversion Funnel


“You can” with Dynamica Retail.

To present the platform launch, we created a content strategy capable of bringing awareness to the brand and to the versatility of the services offered.

To do this we created content with a modern and fresh look and feel, and a hero video with a catchy and informal jingle.

The new brand image is therefore aimed at producing memorability in potential customers, and expand the client base, also towards the younger generations.

Caffeina Dynamica Retail Conversion Funnel


To guide the user through the funnel media.


Using display advertising platforms and social campaigns (Facebook Network & LinkedIn) we hit a vast network of users, using socio-demographic data and specific interests.



To further amplify brand awareness, the activity was sponsored through TrueView In-Stream campaigns on YouTube in order to maximize video views with custom audiences.



To oversee the research network and reach already prepared for funding users, Search campaigns were launched covering both generic and brand terms.


The user at the heart.

The attentive analysis of competitors and comparables allowed us to design a simple and intuitive loan request flow, delating redundant or unnecessary steps and providing the user with all the information useful for filling out the form.

The redesign and development process directly involved the technical department of Dynamica Retail to align the user experience with the internal dynamics and logic of the service.
To optimize the process and avoid wastes of time and energy, the design was tested with real users before starting the technological development.

Caffeina Dynamica Retail Conversion Funnel


Design a 100% digital experience and build the communication assets and the funnel necessary to transform the website into a relevant business channel for the company.

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