Caffeina Pellegrini Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization

We created 4 landing pages, with revamped design and text, to which we coupled a 6-month marketing campaign.

Pellegrini is an Italian company founded in 1965, offering solutions in Italy and abroad in the fields of catering, welfare, cleaning and integrated services, vending, meat processing and food supplies.




Digital Product

Digital Media


Increase landing conversion.

The Pellegrini Group approached Caffeina to identify the best solution to significantly increase conversion through landing pages of Corporate Welfare products.

The brand’s historical mission, to confirm itself as a leader in the Corporate Welfare sector while adopting an approach that veers more energetically into digital.

Caffeina Pellegrini Conversion optimization


Project End-to-end.

With a multidisciplinary approach, Caffeina took care of the 360-degree project management: from redesign to development to the launch of the conversion campaign.

Starting with experience design and continuing development, Caffeina came up with all creative components and produced original content for each landing page.

Through media campaigns, we finally made it easier for prospective customers of Welfare Pellegrini products to reach the landing pages.


A brand-friendly design.

We gave the landing pages a fresh look.
We started by studying the content and value proposition of each of the four Corporate Welfare products, defining together with the main stakeholders a tone of voice that would be in continuity with the Pellegrini identity, while ensuring a certain contemporaneity thanks to the revamped design.

We chose colors that were similar to the logo but closer to pastel, more modern tones, curating the mobile experience to make it as usable as possible.

Caffeina Pellegrini Conversion optimization


Frontend development.

The four landing pages were created following the main best practices in terms of accessibility, performance and compatibility.

The collaboration between Design and Development is constant and aimed at customer and user satisfaction.
The developed system allows, through API calls and interfacing layers, the contacts collected from the forms to arrive directly into the Welfare division database.


Digital campaigns.

Therefore, we defined the useful media strategy to reach more prospect users.

To promote Welfare Pellegrini’s four main services, we designed and planned a digital media campaign on Google Search to intercept direct demand and obtain qualitative leads, despite click-through optimization.

Caffeina Pellegrini Conversion optimization


Redefine acquisition strategy and landing page design to increase leads generated and conversion rates.

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