Caffeina E-Distribuzione Ecco cosa succede quando accendi la luce

This is what happens when you turn on the light

E-Distribuzione is the leading company in the distribution and measurement of electricity in Italy, the first one to be on social media. It has 32 million customers throughout the country, but few of them really know it. How to explain to all people who E-Distribuzione is and what it does every day to enhance their lives? The answer we gave ourselves is: "With the story of someone who is expert in talking about complex issues with the language of each of us".

As a constantly evolving company, E-Distribuzione has made excellence a mission by combining research and development to bring innovative solutions that improve people’s lives every day.
These solutions resulted in the Digl&NItaly program, launched at the beginning of 2017, which aims to rethink the company’s technical and commercial processes by leaning on the introduction of digital technologies and design thinking. To communicate and convey this program on social media, we have chosen an exceptional testimonial: Matteo Bruno, well known as Cane Secco.






Social & Influencer


Why Cane Secco?

YouTuber with a direct tone of voice, he observed and told everything through the eyes of those who study intrigued technologies, wishful to learn and know new realities.

A clear and effective approach to establish direct contact with the community and thus allow E-Distribuzione and its program to be brought to a wider audience.

Matteo has been sharing his life with his community for years: for this reason including the project in his daily life was the most natural way to tell it.


DigI&NItaly: Concept

Future is closer than we believe, we just don’t realize it. Scientists, directors, inventors and visionaries make us imagine the wonders that technology could do for us, but, actually, that future is already happening, in the present, almost invisibly. Every day human beings and technology collaborate working for us behind the scenes, to improve our lives.

However, we hardly notice it, we don’t realize the enormous work and incredible processes that are hidden under the surface. Which science fiction scenarios, which visionary men have told us thanks to essays, books or films, is E-Distribuzione already making reality?

To find out, we accompanied the user on a journey to discover new technologies applied by E-Distribuzione every day.


We illustrated Italy what happens when we make a simple gesture and we underlined the aim of E-Distribuzione. Let’s see the results:

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